Personal Trainers


Shelli Sanzo - Personal Training Team Lead

Shelli was raised in Columbus and attended Ohio University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Shelli completed her Master's Degree in Criminal Justice Administration in 2004. Shelli always enjoyed and played sports and decided she wanted to help others fall in love with being active. Shelli began teaching Les Mills BODYJAM in September of 2008 and continued with BODYSTEP (2012) and BODYATTACK (2014). Shelli also has a Primary Group Fitness Certification and teaches BootCamp classes. When Shelli is not at Premier she is the Athletic Director at her children's school, coaches volleyball and works with different sports teams to help with strength and conditioning. Shelli has 3 daughters.


John Kishishian

John has been in fitness for almost 30 years, regularly training alongside world class competitors in figure, fitness, bodybuilding, and various other sports; and gaining vast knowledge and experience in the process. He started weight training at an early age for football and wrestling and has experience in powerlifting and bodybuilding. Over the last 15 years, he has been one of the most sought after trainers at Premier. John's expertise in fitness and nutrition is designed to guide clients to better physical health. Whether you want to gain some lean muscle, lose a few pounds, or get that competition shape body that is fit, toned, and full of energy; making lasting permanent changes takes dedication and patience. With years of experience, John continues to help numerous clients of all ages attain their goals through diet, training, and cardiovascular programs safely and effectively.


Gary Fortney

Gary is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and has several years of experience lifting weights. He has worked with individuals ranging from world-leading qualifying powerlifters to pageant competitors. He excels at motivating and can surely help you reach your goals.


Olivia Slack

A National Personal Training Institute grad, Olivia acquired a thirst for fitness at a very young age. Helping family members to stay fit and active sparked the fire and Olivia has everything it takes to get you from point A to point Z.


Nicole Crawford

Nicole has a passion for health and fitness and has been working out for approximately 15 years! Growing up, she always played sports and wanted to continue to stay active as she got older and became a mother.  Nicole wanted to show her daughter that it's important to stay mentally and physically healthy as well as eating proper nutrition. With a background in Nuclear medicine and heart agents, she became a Weight Management Specialist. Daily exercise can combat so many diseases, and Nicole wants to help people be the best version of themselves! "We only have one body and one life!" she says.  Nicole is ACE certified in Personal Training and has a Weight Management Specialist Certification.


Madeline Chilton

Growing up Madeline had always been overweight. At 260 pounds, she realized it was time to focus on improving her health and well-being. Ready for a change, Madeline signed up at a local gym, focusing on consistently exercising and eating healthy. After losing 100 pounds Madeline was inspired to share her journey with the world. Certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, She is committed to  providing her clients with the knowledge that inspires them to create maintainable habits in their personal journey to a healthier lifestyle. With the right training program, a bit of determination and support, anyone can achieve their goals.
“Health is not about the weight you lose, but about the life you gain! ”


Tameka White

Tameka’s passion for fitness and being healthy, combined with years of training family and friends motivated her to obtain her Personal Trainer Certification. Tameka is a full-time working mom, a runner and enjoys challenging herself with various types of workouts (crossfit, TRX, cycling, etc). Tameka enjoys working with those that are looking to get active and start a fitness regimen.
If it doesn’t challenge you…it doesn’t change you


Aaron Boucher

Aaron had the privilege to be a collegiate athlete and during that time, he learned all proper movements in weight training. Graduating with a Kinesiology degree helps him understand the muscle movements while working out. With experience in training high school and college athletes, Aaron picked up notable knowledge that can help further your understanding of weight lifting and sport techniques. Also, being a previous player, he knows the hard work and dedication it takes to get your body in the best shape it can be in to have a fit and healthy lifestyle.


Chistan White

Chistan White a certified athletic trainer by the National Athletic Trainers Association, graduated from Otterbein University 2014. He developed a love for health and wellness during his four years as a varsity lacrosse athlete. He then attained his master’s degree in Health Education from Prairie View A&M University 2016. He has worked with a wide range of individuals ranging from high school students, the elderly population, as well as professional NFL athletes. A New Jersey native Chistan’s passion for individual’s health and wellness manifested at an early age as he frequently found himself motivating his friends to pursue an active lifestyle. His thirst for knowledge and a willingness to help others reach their lifestyle goals is what drew him to the fitness industry.