Positively Premier

Positively Premier: Meet Richard DeSutter, October 2017

There’s a new aquatics director in town.

Be sure to stop a moment and offer a friendly hello to Richard DeSutter if you see him around the club. Your kindly introduction is sure to make a splash. He’s only been here since September 25!

Pools aren’t just a focus of his post at the club. One has a role in how he got the job!

“I first heard about Premier from a pool party my son attended. After spending a couple of hours here, I really enjoyed the club and the people working here.”

This led him into a discussion with Premier’s general manager, Richard Smith, about opportunities. Fast forward a bit, and he was officially welcomed aboard.

DeSutter was impressed by how well Premier is maintained. But there’s a lot more to it than that.

“The people here are the best,” he said. “I am talking about both the employees and the members that are here. I have met a number of people that have been coming here from the day the club opened.”

Our new aquatics director comes to us from Norfolk, Nebraska. It was there he was on the coaching staff of a swim team before managing outdoor pools throughout the summers. He would spent the other seasons on the maintenance staff at the Norfolk YMCA.

His education is more technical than you might originally expect. He completed his degree in electronics and was working on one for secondary education with an emphasis on both math and physical education. He later moved to Ohio and entered the corporate world at JPMorgan Chase.

But, ultimately, that wasn’t his fate.

“After 18 years at Chase, I decided to return to a career that I enjoyed in the past and look forward to getting to know everyone at Premier at Sawmill,” he said.

So what can members expect with his arrival?

“My goals are to continue the quality of the Aquatics Department by increasing the number of services we offer and increasing the number of swimming lessons and the water exercise classes,” he said.

We’ll conclude with a couple fun facts:

“I enjoy spending time with my son, from watching him play sports to being with him at school events. I also like to volunteer in the local communities when I am able to,” he said.

Want to learn more? Swing by the Aquatics Department and introduce yourself!
Positively Premier: Fall Golf Outing to Battle Spinal Muscular Atrophy - September 2017


It’s time to get our golf on once again. The eighth annual Fall Golf Outing tees off Tuesday, October 10 at Kinsale Golf and Fitness Club. But there’s a lot more at stake on the green than just a stroke count. A portion of the proceeds will head into the good fight against Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

This disease, also known as SMA, is the childhood version of ALS. (Do you remember that ice bucket challenge a couple years back? That was for ALS – also known as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig's disease.)

SMA affects motor neurons that involve all voluntary muscles like breathing, swallowing, reaching, crawling, walking, eating and head and neck control. Motor neurons decline as the progression increases . . . leaving many without the use of their whole body, dependent on wheelchairs, or walking with a waddle. SMA does not affect the brain -- these children are very smart and learn quickly. There are four types of SMA. Type 1 is the most severe and fatal and type 4 is the least. Children with type 1 usually die before the age of one to two years, making it the number one genetic killer of children under 2.

Part of the proceeds raised at the golf outing will specifically be sent to Miracle for Madison and Friends - a fund at The Ohio State University Medical Center Foundation for research in SMA. The namesake is Madison Rose Reed, a local and bright soul who is currently combatting the disease. She was diagnosed at 8 months old. Back in 1997, her local children’s hospital didn’t even treat or see children with type 1 SMA because they knew children would die within two years or less. Her family fought to get her a feeding tube so she could eat. They fought to get her a bipap machine so she could breath. They knew these things could keep her alive because others in the country had continued to survive this way – thanks to a SMA doctor in New Jersey. Madison kept going – and even graduated from high school!

The Madison Fund has raised more than a million dollars in research money for the Burghes Lab at OSU and the Kapser Lab at the Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital. And all this research and funding is paying off! A new miracle drug has been developed. Within 36 hours of her first dose, Madison was moving her ankles back and forth, holding her feet up -- and even waved her hand at her wrist! These are movements she lost many years ago. And optimism is on the rise. What could happen in the future? What will she reclaim next? That’s why we need to keep going, going, going!

And you can help swing toward a miracle for Madison . . . by simply enjoying some golf. Not too shabby.

The outing will also feature a raffle. You can win an official Ohio State autographed football and tickets to see the Buckeyes play! And that’s just the beginning! The fee includes 18 holes with a cart, range privileges, dinner, and a free round (a $125 value) for later use!

Make sure you register and get your fees into Premier by Wednesday, October 4! (The “early bird” pricing of $80 per person/$320 per foursome ends on October 3!)

Head into the club TODAY!

Positively Premier: Kids’ Yoga  - September 2017

Downward dog isn’t just for grownups anymore.

Premier is officially introducing Kids’ Yoga! Classes start October 2 and will meet on Monday evenings at 5:00 p.m. This is for children from kindergarten to 5th grade.

Wondering why your little one should be allowed to take a chance on this? Think about why *you* enjoy and benefit from yoga; the situation is not much different for youngsters!

Kids also need the mental break it offers. The stillness in some poses allows them to escape the constant swirl of chores, homework, social worries, and more. It also gives them focus, which can certainly aid with their studies and other parts of life!

Of course, no child wants to do something that isn’t FUN. We want this to be something they look forward to! Yoga is a very positive experience where smiles and laughter are by no means banned. People may fall down and grin sheepishly. Everyone is treated with a lot of warmth. It’s a renewing, encouraging, and optimistic activity!

Yoga teaches body awareness, inner fulfillment, flexibility, and strength. It also builds confidence. Some of these poses require a small dose of bravery. When your son or daughter accomplishes an arm balance or handstand, that’s going to build them up inside. They will grow courage. And just think what that will unlock for them in life!

We also must point out there’s no way to really “fail” at yoga. That term is simply not part of the process. Every step forward, every little move mastered, every time they get better . . . all successes! And that’s what they will experience.

Help your child slow down and find stronger senses of self and peace. Call the club at 614-336-CLUB (2582) or stop at the front desk after your next workout. A six-session pass, with each one lasting for an hour, is only $60.


Positively Premier: Mom’s Morning Off! - August 2017
Your Facebook feed is likely currently plastered with kids’ first days of class.
Perhaps you’re one of the parents posting those adorable photos of your little one starting or returning to preschool. (Or maybe your little one is too young to attend and remains home all day.) But what if your child’s morning session doesn’t last long enough to get those important errands done? Or to catch up with friends at brunch? The ends of our “to do” lists always laugh at us as we can never seem to truly reach them!
But we can help you find your way to the finish line. Our program, “Mom’s Morning Off,” is back! The official dates for it are September 7 & 21 and October 5 & 19. We’ll happily accept kids (aged 18 months to 5 years) from Central Ohio parents from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on those dates. They’ll have a blast! It’s just $35 for non-members and only $25 for members!
Our Kid’s Club staff will keep them engaged with crafts, story time, playtime, a snack, and lunch with friends! (We need to keep the meals free of peanut butter for those with allergies, keep that mind when packing! You can also just purchase a “meal deal” to keep things easier on you!)
Could you use a few mornings off? Simply pull out your smartphone right now and dial 614-336-2582 or email Dionne at dmeddock@premieratsawmill.com for more information!
That was easy! Take the morning off. Reach the end of your list! Or maybe take the time to unwind and peruse those adorable photos on social media!

Positively Premier: Building Next Summer’s Beach Body Workout - August 2017

Summer’s almost gone.

It’s both a song by the Doors and a current truth. Football, crunchy leaves, and Halloween are just around the corner. The temperatures will descend and the “beach body” craze will hibernate for a bit.

But now is not the time to slack off if you want to build a physique to show off when the weather warms up again in 2018.

Check out this workout from Kevin Murphy, Premier’s Personal Training Manager! It will keep you busy and fit! Keep building muscle!

Holiday treats are closer than you think . . . so start prepping yourself for temptation against Halloween candy, overdoing it on Thanksgiving, Christmas cookies, and other holiday delights!

Ready, set . . . lift!

Day 1 Lift

Squat- 5x10 increasing weight
Goblet Squat-3x12
Single-leg Leg Press-3x15 each leg
Leg Extension-3x20
Deadlifts- 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 increasing weight
Hamstring Curl- 12, 10, 8, 6 increasing weight
Standing Barbell Lunge- 3x10
Calf Raise-4x10

Day 2 Lift

Barbell Bench-12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 increasing weight
DB Bench- 3x10 increasing
Overhead press - 3x10 increasing
Reverse Cable Flies- 3x10 increasing
Bent over Barbell Row- 3x10 increasing
Tricep Rope Pulldown- 4x10 increasing
Rope Bicep Curl- 3x10 increasing
Seated Alternated Hammer Curl- 3x 10 increasing
30 minutes steady state cardio

Day 3 REST

Day 4 Lift

Squat- 5x10 increasing weight
Goblet Squat-3x12
Single-leg Leg Press-3x15 each leg
Leg Extension-3x20
Deadlifts- 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 increasing weight
Hamstring Curl- 12, 10, 8, 6 increasing weight
Standing Barbell Lunge- 3x10
Calf Raise-4x10

Day 5 Lift

Cable pull down- 4x10 increasing
1 arm dumbbell rows- 3x10
Cable low rows- 3x10
Pull ups 3x10
Dumbbell press 3x10
Skull crushers 3x10
Front+Lateral dumbbell raise-3x10
Preacher Curl-3x10
Seated Alternated Hammer Curl-3x10
30 minutes steady state cardio

Abs and additional cardio can be added as needed.

Positively Premier: Pickleball - July 2017
There’s a new sport at Premier: Pickleball!

Nope, no pickles involved.
This is actually an incredibly fun sport that meshes various elements from tennis, badminton, and ping pong! It can be played both indoors and out on a badminton-sized court with a slightly-modified tennis net.
Players use paddle and a plastic ball with holes. And the game can be played as either doubles or singles.
Intrigued? There’s a free (yes, FREE) clinic on Saturday, August 12! Classes start at either 1:00 or 2:00.
You’d better hurry, though. We can only squeeze in 10 people per class who are at least 16 years old.
Even further captivated? Looking for more details? Call Premier at (614) 336-2582!
See you on August 12!

Positively Premier: Free Classes with Membership - July 2017 
A membership at Premier unlocks a new world.
You’re not only given access to start-of-the-art fitness equipment, indoor and outdoor pools, racquetball courts, saunas, and more.
The door for you also opens to a whopping 80 FREE classes in the studios!
“We provide anything from Gentle Fit, which is low-impact strength and stretching, to PHIIT classes and everything in between. We offer a variety of Les Mills Programs, such as BodyAttack, BodyPump, BodyCombat, CXWORX, BodyJam and RPM,” said Shelli Sanzo, Group X manager for Premier.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these . . .

• BodyAttack is a sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina!
• BodyPump is an original barbell class!
• CXWORX is all about your core!
• BodyCombat will punch and kick your way to fitness!
• BodyJam is an addictive fusion of the latest dance styles!

“We also offer many freestyle classes such as hip hop dance, yoga and boot camp,” she said.

The name “Les Mills” should definitely get you pumped.

Their workouts are licensed by 17,500 partners in 100 countries around the globe. The company also supports partners with research, marketing, and new routines every three months!

These classes are enormously popular at Premier – and for good reason! Be sure to arrive early so you can get a spot. You’ll be hooked in no time. These classes will help you sculpt a better body and inspire you to lead a healthier lifestyle!

We are more than happy to answer any questions about membership. Click this link for more information and don’t hesitate to call us at 614.336.CLUB (2582)!

Positively Premier: The Importance of Swim Lessons - July 2017 
We protect our kids with everything we have. We do it as parents; we do it as a society. It’s one of the most important things in the world.

Tragically, drowning remains one of the most common causes of accidental death for children. The thought is excruciating, but this fate is preventable! Being able to swim is a life-saving skill.

Kids will find themselves in a variety of situations where they’ll come in contact with water throughout the lives. The ability to swim will make these far, far less dangerous. Proper instruction will help them to swim long distances, use different strokes, and even know life-saving skills.

Katharine Marshall, Premier’s new aquatics director, recalled one dramatic conversation with a parent.

“I remember, back when I taught swim lessons, there a mother was so grateful we talked her into swim lessons because if it were not for her son knowing how to swim . . . he wouldn’t have made it when he was washed into a tidal wave!”

You never know what awaits your children. Preparing them is beyond crucial.

Swimming is also part of an active and healthy lifestyle that will stay with them forever. Kids will be able to interact with their peers outside of school and learn important social skills!

(Many of us remember attending pool parties, right?)

Learn more about Premier’s swim lessons by clicking this link. It could literally save your child’s life!

Positively Premier: Waterborne Illnesses
Premier is all about fitness and fun. But there’s one priority that stands tall . . . towering above all others. Your health and safety.
The summer is pulsing with crackling heat and everyone is headed to the pool. And that’s fantastic. But waterborne illnesses are real, and we want to help you absolutely prevent them from being a worry.
Premier is laser-focused on keeping our waters clean, but it’s still up to our members and guests to help maintain everyone’s well-being. According to the Mayo Clinic, it’s wise for parents to make sure their children have consistent bathroom breaks. We don’t want anyone leaving anything in the pool besides a great time! Make sure diapers are changed in that restroom, not near the water, and that everyone has a very clean bottom.
Children should also rinse off before they set one foot into the pool and not swallow the water as they swim. This way, nothing in transferred except hearty laughs and huge grins. That’s why the pool is there in the first place!
Following these simple rules can help prevent everyone from potentially battling a cryptosporidium infection. According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms can include watery diarrhea, dehydration, lack of appetite, weight loss, stomach cramps or pain, fever, nausea, and vomiting.
These things can happen at absolutely any pool. That’s part of why Premier is committed to being the absolutely cleanest athletic facility in Central Ohio. It’s also why we take this so seriously and wanted to put out this important information. We’re always, always, always looking out for our members and guests.
If you have any questions about our pools, please go the front desk and we’ll forward the request to our aquatic director. Additionally, more information can be discovered on our pools by visiting this link!
Help us spread the word and keep everyone safe and smiling!

Positively Premier: Outdoor Pool Season 2017
The temperature isn’t the only thing heating up. Premier’s outdoor pool is open and ready for the summer season! And there’s a lot more to it than just a place to wade and swim.
Adults are more than welcome to responsibly enjoy the outside bar – open for the season beginning Memorial Day weekend. Drinks will be served daily from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Folks can also chow down on grilled all-beef hot dogs, brats, and burgers! Let’s not forget the soft pretzels, cheese nachos, and cheese personal pizzas!
The bar features bucket beer specials, wine, and mixed drinks. Happy Hour runs from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Things get dialed up on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for Trivia Night! Happy Hour will concur with this -- making everyone, you guessed it, happier! Teams of up to six are encouraged. Your friends aren’t members? No worries! They’re still warmly welcomed to enjoy cool drinks and test their general knowledge! Weekly prizes will be awarded! It all kicks off May 31 and runs until the first Wednesday in August.
We’ve covered whetting your whistle, tempting your taste buds, and testing your trivia. But what about your ears? We’ve got that covered.
“Poolside Grooves with Jason Turpening” will be the musical experience of the neighborhood every other Saturday starting June 3 from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Family-friendly tunes during these free concerts include songs from The Black Keys, Stone Temple Pilots, and Led Zeppelin.

Fridays are all about family fun. Parents, kids, grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts, and the rest of your crew are invited for pool games featuring prizes! Everyone will also get to enjoy a movie on the big screen! Members are let in free and guests are only five bucks. (Not too shabby!)

Summer birthday? We love the timing! We just happen to have offer parties for all ages!

And what if you want to use the outdoor pool and beautiful weather as a setting to stay in shape? We have outdoor water fitness classes to boot!

No reason to be bored during the summer. It’s all heating up FAST at Premier.

See you there!

Positively Premier: The Biggest Loser - May 2017
We want to turn you into a big loser.
It’s true! “The Biggest Loser” has arrived as a new program to Premier . . . and it’s time to start shrinking.
Personal Training Manager Kevin Murphy said the program is an attempt to motivate the members and surrounding public to grasp their fitness goals.
Weigh-ins will be held between the first and fifth of every month indefinitely.
And there’s a BIG prize for being a BIG loser! The male and females winners will each receive an astounding YEAR of free membership. The program restarts every month and contestants can jump back in each time.
“We’ve only just begun advertising and had members join solely because of the program,
Murphy said. Members are excited and the word is spreading.”
According to a recent report, Ohio’s adult obesity rate has ballooned to 29.8 percent. That’s up from 20.6 percent in 2000 and 11.3 percent in 1990.
People that are overweight face the threats of heart disease, diabetes, bone and joint disease, and other terrifying consequences.
And that’s just the physical end of the spectrum. There are also psychological costs. People that are overweight or obese can struggle with reduced self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.
Shedding excess weight means shedding those darker possibilities.
Join us and be a big loser!
Contact Kevin Murphy with any questions or to get signed up at kmurphy01@premieratsawmill.com

Positively Premier: Kid Fit, April 2017

There’s no love in the world like we have for our children. It’s indescribable. We worry about them and endeavor to make them as happy and healthy as possible. Many of us focus on making sure they get enough healthy food and exercise. And those are all imperative . . . but what about their emotional fitness?

That’s where Kid Fit comes into play. It’s a program designed for kids between 8 and 13 years old to develop their self-esteem and sense of belonging.
“We combine exercise that is enjoyable and best achieved through game like activities on land and combined with a swim lesson,” said Jeannine Davidson, Premier’s aquatics director. “These exercises will increase gross motor skills, agility, flexibility, build muscle and strong bones, endurance, and strength. Swimming is an important life skill that should be learned early on. Not only is swimming great for their health but it could one day save their life. Swimming is one of the most absolute best forms of exercise as it works every muscle group in the body without putting stress on bones and joints.”

The class is important for kids as it decreases their risk for childhood diseases, including diabetes, by keeping them active and healthy.

“It gives children a sense of belonging and socialization outside of the school setting to develop social skills not found in a classroom. It is hugely important to ensure children are safe during exercise and around water. These are life skills that will remain with them through adulthood,” Davidson said.

There’s also a new Kid Fit class, called Becoming Our Strong Selves (B.O.S.S), which is a high-energy exercise class for kids ages 6-12.

“The class focuses on overall health and fitness in children in a fun, safe, positive environment,” said Meredith Mundell, who organizes the program for Premier. “We utilize games, obstacle courses, challenges, partner activities, circuit training and more! The goal is to create an environment for kids to associate fitness with fun!
You’ll only find B.O.S.S. at Premier.
“With such a strong community of families at Premier, we wanted to offer something specifically for our kids,” Mundell said. “We received great feedback from kids and parents following our first preview class in March. Positive fitness associations at an early age will instill healthy habits for life!”

“We want kids to put the video games down and have fun interacting with peers and learning about healthy, fun and safe ways to exercise,” she added.

Call the front desk for more details!

Positively Premier: Stasi's Supporters Race for the Cure
With sweat on our brow and love in our hearts, we chase after the cure.
This blog is a kindly invitation, a hand reaching out if you will, to join us. Many of you reading this, likely and tragically, have had your lives touched somehow by breast cancer. Maybe your mom, or your wife, or your sister, or your daughter . . . or you. We stand with you; we race for you; we pray for you.
And we’d like to tell you about Stasi Trout.

She’s one of our instructors and has been firmly kicking breast cancer’s heinous butt since her 2011 diagnosis. And the next move up her sleeve is the 6th annual Stasi’s Supporter’s Komen Race for the Cure team. Extraordinarily, the team has raised more than $30,000 in the years since Stasi’s fight first began! The event kicks off Saturday, May 20 downtown at 8:45 a.m. (Psssst, click the hyperlink to join her team!)

“If you are unable to participate in the actual Race for the Cure downtown on May 20, you may support our team by donating at the club on Saturday, May 13. (Psssst, click the hyperlink to donate online.) The theme of all our group fitness classes will be Fit for the Cure. I will be on site, and co-teaching a few of the classes, to raffle off a team T-shirt and a few other pink items,” Stasi said.
The Premier instructor recounted walking through hell . . . and yet keeping her eye on the light.
“After my diagnosis in 2011, I had a bilateral mastectomy, four rounds of chemo, and reconstructive surgery and continued to teach my group fitness classes at Premier because the staff and members were incredibly supportive,” Stasi said.
She didn’t start running when cancer made its villainous entrance into her life. She’s long enjoyed enjoyed putting foot to pavement and has participated in marathons. This later helped her literally win Race for the Cure.
“I run with a timing chip and compete in the Survivors’ Category. I’ve repeatedly placed in the top few spots, and last year actually came in 1st for my age group and 2nd for Survivors,” she said.
“This event is not a race that true competitive runners participate in -- that’s how I can place so well,” Stasi said with a dash of humor.
“It’s an event to enjoy and celebrate the lives and memories of those affected by breast cancer,” she added.
The race is on. We’re closing the gap. So close.

Join us.

Positively Premier: Arnold Triathlon
Who is as tough as Ah-nold?
The Second Annual Arnold Indoor Triathlon Championships are happening on Saturday, March 4 at Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club. And it’s going to terminate all expectations!
Contenders will face off against the clock as they swim 600 meters in a pool, bike 10 miles on an indoor Spin bike, and run 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) outside on the streets of the capital city.
These folks will get running, man.
We spoke with event organizer Mick Mominee.
“The Indoor Triathlon allows members to set a new goal and connect with a community of avid triathletes looking to take fitness to the next level. Triathletes are super friendly and always willing to offer tips and advice to newcomers so it's a great way to re-energize fitness goals for people who have never competed in a triathlon before,” Mominee said.

But there are also the barbarians.

“For the more seasoned triathletes, the Indoor Triathlon is a great way to test your off-season training and know what to work on as we head into the 2017 triathlon season. With true sprint-distance events in the swim, bike and run it helps set the bar for the season and ramp up training indoors before the weather allows for outdoor training,” he added.

Mominee praised Premier and its staff – calling the club “a great host and very accommodating.”

“The lap pool is great for an event like this and their Spin area and equipment is ideal for an indoor ride. Situated just a few miles from the Convention Center downtown, Premier gives us the space and accommodations we need near the heart of the Arnold events,” he said. “Its central location allows for participants from all over the city. It also comes down to shared values. Premier and Z+ Health and Fitness both share the goal of bringing people together for fun and Fitness and that's what the Arnold Indoor Triathlon is all about!”

He had total recall when we asked her more about this amazing event.

The format of this Indoor Triathlon is neat for newbies because of the wave starts, Mominee said.

“It means triathletes will be mingling before and after their waves so that newcomers can freely ask their questions and learn more about the sport,” he said. “We also welcome spectators! If you've never seen a triathlon, this is a great way to experience it without being exposed to the elements and before the season starts so if you like what you see, you have time to start training and join us for a triathlon later this season.”

The party afterward will feature music, food, drinks and even a photo booth! Everyone who finishes will receive an Arnold Indoor Triathlon Championship finisher medal.

Both the man and woman with the fastest overall time will be invited to a luncheon on Sunday . . . where they will get to meet and be photographed with Arnold himself!

Positively Premier: Arnold Triathlon - February 28, 2017 
Who is as tough as Ah-nold?
The Second Annual Arnold Indoor Triathlon Championships are happening on Saturday, March 4 at Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club. And it’s going to terminate all expectations!
Contenders will face off against the clock as they swim 600 meters in a pool, bike 10 miles on an indoor Spin bike, and run 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) outside on the streets of the capital city.
These folks will get running, man.
We spoke with event organizer Mick Mominee.
“The Indoor Triathlon allows members to set a new goal and connect with a community of avid triathletes looking to take fitness to the next level. Triathletes are super friendly and always willing to offer tips and advice to newcomers so it's a great way to re-energize fitness goals for people who have never competed in a triathlon before,” Mominee said.

But there are also the barbarians.

“For the more seasoned triathletes, the Indoor Triathlon is a great way to test your off-season training and know what to work on as we head into the 2017 triathlon season. With true sprint-distance events in the swim, bike and run it helps set the bar for the season and ramp up training indoors before the weather allows for outdoor training,” he added.

Mominee praised Premier and its staff – calling the club “a great host and very accommodating.”

“The lap pool is great for an event like this and their Spin area and equipment is ideal for an indoor ride. Situated just a few miles from the Convention Center downtown, Premier gives us the space and accommodations we need near the heart of the Arnold events,” he said. “Its central location allows for participants from all over the city. It also comes down to shared values. Premier and Z+ Health and Fitness both share the goal of bringing people together for fun and Fitness and that's what the Arnold Indoor Triathlon is all about!”

He had total recall when we asked her more about this amazing event.

The format of this Indoor Triathlon is neat for newbies because of the wave starts, Mominee said.

“It means triathletes will be mingling before and after their waves so that newcomers can freely ask their questions and learn more about the sport,” he said. “We also welcome spectators! If you've never seen a triathlon, this is a great way to experience it without being exposed to the elements and before the season starts so if you like what you see, you have time to start training and join us for a triathlon later this season.”

The party afterward will feature music, food, drinks and even a photo booth! Everyone who finishes will receive an Arnold Indoor Triathlon Championship finisher medal.

Both the man and woman with the fastest overall time will be invited to a luncheon on Sunday . . . where they will get to meet and be photographed with Arnold himself!

Positively Premier: 10 Gym Etiquette Tips - February 2017 
Heading into a gym or athletic club for a workout is always a healthy choice. But it’s important to remember you’re not the only one who has made the decision on any particular day.
Everyone around you wants to come in and enjoy their experience – just like you’d want them to let you enjoy yours. And so here are 10 tips to make sure we can all have the most positive experience building our better bodies . . .

1. Dress appropriately.

Good hygiene goes a long way and even though you plan to get sweaty, show up in clean clothes. The folks around you will appreciate it! This includes clean shoes. They don’t have to be brand new, but try not to step into the gym with the shoes you wore while doing yard work. You don’t want to track in mulch, mud, salt or other debris.

2. Remember where you are.

For example, it may be more acceptable to yell and slam weights at a bodybuilding or cross-fit gym. But when it comes to a family club environment like Premier, it’s best to tone it down.

3. Just like you learned in kindergarten: Wait your turn.

We know you obviously enjoy the ability to focus when you’re in the middle of sets while hitting the weights and beefing up those biceps. Show others the same courtesy. Don’t interrupt them. Circuits, intervals, supersets, and the like will always be staples in workout programs. And folks may be coming back to a certain machine or area. Just because they leave for 30 seconds doesn’t mean they’re done. Give them a chance to wrap things up on their own terms.

4. Try your best not to step in front of someone working out in front of a mirror or shatter their concentration in any way.

This is a good thing on which to “reflect.” If you feel like you’re in the way, just wait until they’re finished and don’t have weights in their hands any longer.

5. Try not to hold any space or piece of equipment prisoner for too long.

The gym has times throughout the day when things get really busy. People are coming in all around the same time and want to get in their weightlifting and other fitness goals. Limit your time on the cardio machines to 30 or 40 minutes, be extra-attentive when working in on sets with others, and be aware of someone waiting patiently behind you who may want to use the same equipment.

6. Keep your face out of Facebook.

Stay off your mobile device, please. It’s a safety issue, a sexual predator concern, and more. The only appropriate use is listening to music on the fitness floor. Don’t sit there and scroll through your phone between sets while you take up space or a machine. If you need to use your phone, especially for a conversation, please head to the lobby or step outside the club.

7. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Remember, people will be using equipment and spaces after you. Wipe off the machines, re-rack the weights, pick up towels, etc. A good rule of thumb is to leave things in a better condition than how you found them. The next person will appreciate it!

8. Be thoughtful when working in with someone using equipment.

Don’t try to push your way in or show signs of impatience when someone is using equipment you want. You may ask to work in with them, but be polite about it. If they say no – don’t stomp your feet and cause a scene. Just let them finish in peace.

9. Return weights and other equipment to their proper place.

It can be frustrating when you’re seeking a specific weight level and can’t find it – despite being exactly where it is supposed to be placed. This is also true for things like kettlebells, jump ropes, and more. When you’re done with something, don’t just leave it on the ground. Taking the 10 seconds to put it back can make someone else’s workout experience 10 times easier.

10. Smoking isn’t hot.

However, if you feel the need to light up – make sure you wait until after you’ve left the parking lot. The smell is repulsive to many – and it could negatively impact your image.

They don’t sound too hard, do they? We know you’re a good person who wants to have a great experience. And we also understand you’re aware the same is true about others around you.
Getting along is easy. Have a great workout!

Positively Premier: Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Try Aquatic Personal Training

Who here is still keeping their New Year’s resolutions? Struggling to find a fun and challenging way to keep going?

Have you thought about water? Yep, water in the winter.

David Letterman has been off the air for some time now. But his famous “Top Ten” lists hold their place in popular culture. And so we decided to use this format to show you why aquatic personal training can be the right fit for you as you fight to keep those goals going . . .

(Cue drumroll . . . )

10. Water exercise is low to non-weight-bearing so movement may be applied to help transfer a painful activity into a pleasurable one.

9. Water exercise is an effective method to train for mobility while protecting the joints using water’s natural buoyancy.

8. Water exercise provides security. The fear of falling and breaking bones or injuring oneself is lessened

7. Water exercise can improve posture with a subjective feeling of support and lightness.

6. Water exercise provides greater freedom of movement and multidimensional resistance or buoyancy assistance.

5. Water exercise creates confidence and improves ability to move and perform functionally on land.

4. Water exercise decreases swelling and offsets the tendency of blood pooling in the extremities.

3. Water exercise increases blood supply to muscles significantly which improves oxygen delivery to the muscles

2. Water exercise massages the body to improve removal of blood lactates, lessening the effect of delayed muscle soreness.

1. Water exercise allows for easy variation of load or weight-bearing levels. You may choose to completely unload (in deep water) or load up to 50% in shallow water.

And a BONUS reason . . .

Water exercise easily competes with, and can exceed, land training benefits if the same amount of effort is put into both programs. Many individuals experience greater improvements with less pain and discomfort in the water.

“Aquatic personal training is different from land because of the unique properties of water that can be incorporated into program design,” said Premier Aquatic Director Jeannine Davidson. “Buoyancy and resistance must be considered when programming a person with more body fat compared to someone who is lean. Use Inertia to train for strength and balance and hydrostatic pressure can help with joint relief. Exercise design in the water allows a variety of body and working positions to target all components of fitness with or without contact of the pool floor. Water equipment may be added or subtracted to help offset vertical alignment and to balance work with rest periods. This enables all clients to work at their own skill level for the duration of the program.”

The front desk will always be happy to provide more information. We’ll see you in the pool!

Positively Premier: New Year’s Resolutions 2017 – Part 2
Who is ready for the second round? We’re talking about ways to keep you motivated and committed to those resolutions!

Part 2 starts in 3, 2, 1 . . .


ABC is Premier’s newest small group personal training class. ABC stands for Abs, Butts, and Core. The class focuses on sculpting these areas so people can feel more confident in their bodies.
The class works on not only strengthening these areas but also stabilizing your core muscles to protect your spine. Why on earth is this important though? The core muscles rectus abdominis (abs), obliques (side abs), transversus abdominis (Deep Abs) , latissimus dorsi (lower back), glutes (butt), etc…) are used from the moment we get up to the moment we lay down to sleep; these muscles are used in every movement we make, from squatting to pick something up off the floor, to grabbing your seat belt and pulling it across your chest, to sitting at a desk all day (it holds your body upright).
So, naturally, we all need to equip them with the stability (stamina) and strength they need to do their job all day.
It’s the perfect starting point for anyone trying to lose weight, put on muscle, or just starting out on their fitness journey. Getting the body you want could be as easy as ABC, 123 go today!
The next option we’ll discuss comes from the Navy SEALS! Suspension training develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability – all at the same time! The TRX program is safe and effective for folks at ALL fitness levels.
This workout allows you to change your center of gravity, which challenges your muscles. This will assist in you becoming more fit, upping your joint stability, and enhancing your muscle balance! In fact, it challenges your core with every exercise.
But did you know your core is more than just your abs?
Yep! It includes your pelvis, abs, back, and chest muscles.
Remember, the human body works to produce movement. And TRX allows you to adjust your body in countless angles to complete a wide variety of exercises that challenge the entire body in every plane of motion. Sitting down while doing exercises lessens the opportunity to develop postural and stabilizing muscles that are critical for effective movement. Training while standing, or engaging the whole body, forces you to control and strengthen the body’s stabilizing muscles. You adapt the system to your fitness level by adjusting your body’s distance to or further from the anchor point. This enables you to perform increasingly more demanding exercises. The TRX offers a challenging full body workout that is adaptable for every individual.
Those cookies are calling your name. Resist these delicious sirens to the best of your ability. But know Premier has a way to help you burn off those calories!
And you can do it together with your family. Because, in the end, isn’t that what life is all about? Connecting with loved ones and working your way to the best possible life?
The first step in finding out more about these classes is checking in with our front desk. From there, you’ll be guided toward all the information you need to build a better you in 2017!

Positively Premier: New Year’s Resolutions 2017 – Part 1
A new year is almost here. And with that comes . . . you guessed it.
Resolutions. Easy to make. Harder to keep.
A recent study found “losing weight” was the number one promise people made to themselves. But that same study found only 8% of folks are successful in achieving their resolution. Wow! But we have a way to shove that figure higher into the sky.
Instead of spending hours on a piece of fitness equipment by yourself . . . why not make it a family affair? The extra support can do wonders for your goals AND you’ll get some important quality time in to boot.
Let’s take a look at what Premier has to offer in the way of family fitness through small-group training:
Metafit was created more than a decade ago by a Royal Marine Commando to make HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) more efficient and effective. This means spending less time looking at a stopwatch and more on technique, range of motion, intensity (true HIIT) and modifying when necessary. (See more about HIIT in our previous blog entries.)
There’s no need for choreography or special equipment and sessions can be enjoyed both inside and out! It’s great for the whole family as there are progressions and regressions for each move. It’s about putting your body into a fat-burning zone that helps you keep the torch going all day long.

This is appropriate for kids 10 years old and above. Feel free to come on in without signing up. Sessions are held Thursdays at 5:00 p.m. in Studio 1. And it’s free for the month of December! You can even win three sessions in January! Talk to the front desk.
Learn to kick butt with full-body, strength, and conditioning anaerobic workout!
It’s all about letting out some aggression on the heavy bag. Trainer Adam Coriell says his program is a mix of boxing, strength training and high-intensity training.
Various boxing drills for both cardio and HIIT cardio are involved. Strength training is also a key component which features a mix of dumbbell work along with bodyweight resistance.
The class is for everyone. Coriell has quite the range – from teenagers to seniors – in his class. It can adapt to any fitness level and age. See the front desk for additional details.
This can be a tremendous way for parents and kids to come together and have fun while getting stronger and making memories!

The winter weather doesn’t have to stop you from a water-based workout in our indoor pool!
Premier offers a variety of small-group classes that will bring out your inner amphibian and burn away fat.
There’s a class called Water Warriors on Sundays (starting January 8) at 11:00 a.m. for four to eight people. It’s a high intensity interval training class consisting of a warm-up period of exercise followed by repetitions of high intensity exercise. Participants will be taken through high intensity exercise consisting of three to ten repetitions with periods of rest in between.

The workout intensity will begin at the low end of the target zone and will gradually increase to moderate to high intensity before tapering back down to the low end. Participants must be able to swim laps and do high-intensity water jogging, along with high-intensity land exercises.

We also have water spinning classes. It’s like riding a bike in the water! Different levels are available for an assortment of experience levels. You can start at “Gentle Journey” before moving onto “Basics,” and then “Time to Race!” Further details can be obtained at the front desk along with more options!

But wait . . . there’s more! Positively Premier: New Year’s Resolutions 2017 – Part 2 is coming soon!

Positively Premier: Meet Adam Coriell
There’s a new trainer in town.
We’d like to introduce you to Adam Coriell. He arrived just a few short weeks ago and we couldn’t be happier to add him to our roster of personal trainers. He’s definitely someone to approach when you’re here. And he even offers a new program for boxing.
You know, if you want to learn how to kick some serious butt while increasing your health and stamina.
We spoke with Adam for a quick Q&A. Let’s learn a little more about the man who can help shape your body for the better . . .
Q: What brought you to Premier?
A: Richard Smith (Premier’s general manager) contacted me about personal training and what ideas I could bring to the club. So I met with him and we brainstormed on what more we could offer the members. I loved the club and what ideas we came up with. So here I am.

Q: What do you bring to the table?
A: I am going to bring something different to the club. I have background in plenty of areas of fitness and nutrition to reach a client's goal.

Q: Tell us more about your boxing program!
A: “Morning Knockout” will be a full-body, strength and conditioning anaerobic workout. We also have a ton of fun because who doesn't like letting out some aggression on a heavy bag? All I can say is try it once.

Q: Can you give us a brief background?
A: I have won some titles in Kickboxing and bodybuilding. I am passionate about nutrition and making the body more efficient.

Q: Sounds good to us. Is there anything else you'd like everyone to know?
A: That I am approachable so don't be afraid to say hi.

He’s right! Don’t be! Come on in and help us greet Adam. He could change your life.
And, of course, that’s why you’re a part of our club.

Positively Premier: Raising Money for SMA
A special fundraiser was held October 22-23 to battle a terrible disease.
Monies were raised at Premier’s recent Les Mills launch and Grit Games to combat Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). It’s a motor neuron genetic disease robbing a child of all voluntary motor muscle movement like walking, crawling, swallowing, breathing, head and neck control, reaching, and much more.
This is the number one genetic killer of children under the age of 2.
But there’s good news. Nationwide Children’s Hospital (NCH), right here in the capital city, is working hard to fight back against this disease.
In fact, the NCH Research Institute recently completed major breakthrough. A gene therapy clinical trial on infants was held -- with 2/3 of them with a proposed therapeutic dose of treatment reaching major milestones like rolling over, sitting assisted, eating, strong breathing, standing crawling, standing -- and two of 12 are walking!
“They know giving this will also stop progression of the disease; we now need it for all kids present and future to end SMA,” said Michelle Worrellia, an employee at Premier who has a niece suffering from the disease.
“Madison (her niece) was not supposed to live to see her 2nd birthday. She is 19 years old,” she added.
Here are some important facts about SMA . . .
• 1 in 40 people are carriers of the SMA gene.
• 1 in every 6,000 live births is affected.
• Over 25,000 people in the USA have SMA.
• SMA does not discriminate when it comes to sex, age, race or ethnic background.
• Generally both parents must carry the SMA gene to have a child affected by SMA.
• There is a 1 in 4 chance of having a child with SMA if both parents carry the gene.
• There is a 50% chance of having a child who carries the gene if both parents carry the gene.
• There is a 25% chance of having a child who carries the gene if one parent carries the gene.
More information about Madison, along with disease, can be doing by logging onto www.miracleformadison.org.
Additionally, anyone who would like to donate for additional research through NCH can do so through this link. Feel free to click through to simply learn more. Perhaps this disease has touched the life of a loved one somehow.
The staff at Premier feels incredibly blessed to have played a role in this important fundraiser that raised $105 and urges everyone to discover more information.

Positively Premier: Outrunning the Holiday Bloat
The holidays are here! And that’s a wonderful thing. Family, friends, and food!
Oh, boy . . . the foooooooooooood. Yum.

But with scrumptious, heavy cuisine comes the holiday bloat. You know what we’re talking about: those extra pounds that emerge on your gut, waist, hips, and thighs after you toss back an obscene amount of calories.
However, a little common sense and activity can help you outrun that holiday bloat. Check it out . . .
You don’t have to be a star athlete to participate in a local 5K. You’ll find a number of your friends or acquaintances likely participate in these. (Just check your Facebook feed to see all the photos!)
For example, the 2016 The Arthritis Foundation’s Jingle Bell Run is coming up on December 3. This is a fantastic way to get moving, have fun, and raise money to help cure this disability. You don’t have to run – you can walk this one! (And make sure to wear a holiday-themed costume – even an ugly Christmas sweater.)
And make sure you and your family stay healthy this holiday season as well by bringing them into Premier. For example, the cold temperatures won’t keep anybody out of our indoor swimming pool and parents can certainly enjoy working up a sweat with racquetball!
Remember, escaping the holiday bloat does not mean you can’t eat any delicious treats. After all, these holiday meals don’t happen very often! It’s all about portion control. Just eat a few cookies instead of, you know, 50.
Here are a few tips on portion control:
1. Don’t step up to the plate, so to speak, while famished. If you skip an earlier meal in order to “save calories” for this one . . . you’ll just make yourself feel ravenous and you’re more likely to splurge.
2. Eat until you’re no longer hungry. Your body knows when you’ve had enough. Listen to it! Filling up until you’re stuffed (or even feeling sick) won’t do any favors for your health.
3. Eat slowly. Savor your meal. It takes time for your brain to get the signal that you have eaten and your stomach is being filled. The more slowly you eat, the less you will be tempted to binge.
You can do it! Let’s escape that holiday bloat!
Gobble, gobble!

Positively Premier: Spooktacular Halloween Party!
Halloween is almost here . . . and it’s time for a “monster” amount of fun!
Premier is hosting its Spooktacular Halloween Party – a special family event on Friday, October 28 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Kids will be “cackling” with fun as they get to enjoy all sorts of activities -- including a magician, balloon artist, photo booth, Bingo, face painting, games, and a treat walk!
Here’s a quick and easy breakdown so you can see what your kids will likely be “creeping” toward when they arrive:
• 2-year-olds will love dancing in our studio
• 6-year-olds will love our magician and Erica Carlson’s balloon creations
• 8-year-olds will love playing games such as Bingo, ring tosses, and our treat walk
• 12-year-olds will love the photo booth

And it wouldn’t be Halloween without a costume contest! It’s “carved” into different age groups and there’s even a family category . . . so dress up!
Prizes for the costume contest will include a summer camp discount, a free Parents’ Night Out or Mom’s Morning Off, a gift card, a guest pass, and of course – candy! (Again . . . it wouldn’t be Halloween without it!) Daddies and “mummies” will certainly love these!
For a small extra charge, folks can also enjoy a “spooky buffet!” You’ll be “goblin” it all up, no doubt! The dinner includes Spooketti (noodles) with vampire blood (marinara sauce) and ghost slime (alfredo sauce). We will have a side of tossed Frankenstein and witches skin (salad) and zombie fingers (breadsticks)!
Ready to get into the Halloween “spirit” . . . ? Call the front desk for more information at 614.336.CLUB (2582). We’ll see you on the 28th for a “morbidly” good time!

Positively Premier: Racquetball, October 2016
Lifting weights and torching calories on the treadmill isn’t for everyone. But there’s another thrilling and heart-pumping way to stay active, incinerate fat, and create long-lasting memories with friends.
Did you know a 20-minute game can cause players to run about 3,650 feet? Bump it up to an hour and players are running more than two miles – all while having a blast with friends – and saying adieu to between 600 and 800 calories.

The game also makes your bones and muscles stronger. It’s good for your heart, too! Think of your cardiovascular system. Let’s not forget balance, coordination, and flexibility – all developed while dashing around the court. Hand-eye coordination improves the more you play; your range of motion causes your body to stretch – increasing that flexibility.
Let’s press pause on discussing the body for one second. What about the brain? Did you know racquetball actually benefits neural adaptation?


It actually stimulates a quicker connection between your brain and muscle movements. And that improves your reflexes even off the court. Your improved abilities will be noticed.

On top of that, racquetball also offers both aerobic and anaerobic aspects. It’s a test in endurance and features short, quick sprints for the anaerobic side. Talk about a two-for-one!
The other benefits of all this activity include knocking down chances for high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity – even heart disease.
As we mentioned, this is a social sport. Stop into Premier and you’ll often find groups of people having the time of their lives in one of our courts. Many friendships have been cemented and memories generated.
In fact, Premier offers the best program in the city with five courts and league play offered every day of the week. Players can also get involved in tournaments, clinics, and lessons for every level!

The open leagues can be pretty competitive. There are also beginner leagues for people who just want to play “for the fun of it.”
More information is available at the front desk if you’re looking to boost both your body and social life.

Are you ready?

Positively Premier: Eating for a Healthy Body, August 2016
Workouts are important. There’s no doubt about that.
But crafting a healthier body isn’t just about lifting weights or burning calories on the treadmill. It’s about what you put in to leaves a tremendous impact.
Meals and snacks before a workout consist of more carbs. Make certain they are good carbs to help fuel your body. Examples include bananas, fresh fruit, and whole grain bread. Oats are another excellent choice to partner with those items because they are a solid source of fiber – which will slowly release those important carbs into your bloodstream.
Protein should be your goal after you get done with your exercise routine. This will help your muscles recover. Good sources include hardboiled eggs, lean meats (like turkey), and of course a smoothie with protein powder. (Be sure to select a delicious flavor.)
Here’s a trip for folks trying to build up their muscles: 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day is a good goal. Also, higher levels of protein intake, usually in the range of 1.2 – 1.5 grams per pound of body weight per day, are commonly recommended when “cutting” to lose fat.
The good news is Premier makes it easy to acquire all these items. Simple stop by the Bistro and make sure your body has the right building blocks.
You have all the tools to build a better you between the exercise equipment and the delicious and healthy selections at the Bistro!

Positively Premier: Sunscreen Tips, July 2016
People flock to Premier’s outdoor pool for fun in the sun. They enjoy the refreshing water, delicious treats and drinks, and a chance to work on their tan.
That’s all well and good. Everyone at Premier wants folks to enjoy themselves and have a tremendous time. That’s why we have the pool. But, as always, we’re all about safety first. And that includes taking care of your skin.
Here are some tips to remember when applying sunblock:
• Make sure you use a sun protective factor (or as it’s more commonly known – SPF) of at least 15 or higher. You want to have UVA and UVB protection on for sure.

• One application doesn’t last forever. You need to re-apply. Put it on again after you’ve been out in the sun for more than two hours, after you swim, or engage in other activities that make you sweat.

• Let the sunscreen soak into your skin for at least 30 minutes before doing anything. This includes going out in the sunlight or dipping into the pool. It takes that long for the sunscreen to settle in and truly penetrate the skin. Apply it before you leave the house if you can’t wait to start swimming once you arrive.

• Take a gander at the expiration date before you apply. Any sunscreen without an expiration date will not be effective for more than three years. (And the timeline is even shorter after the bottle has been exposed to high temperatures.)

• Remember the sun’s rays are strongest between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. But you can still get a nasty burn outside of those hours if you don’t take the proper precautions.

• There’s an 80% chance of the sun’s harmful UV rays penetrating your skin even on cloudy days!

Also remember to seek shade and wear protective clothing when you can. This includes lightweight long-sleeved shirt and pants, along with a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses.
Forgot your sunscreen? Not to worry! Premier has you covered. You can buy a bottle at the club. Easy peasy. Just make sure you give it enough time to penetrate your skin and offer you true protection. Remember – 30 minutes. Better safe than sorry.
For more information on our outdoor pool and aquatics programs, click this link.

Positively Premier: Tips for Being a Healthier Man
Many men work very hard and focus on taking care of others. But these same guys need to also concentrate on their own well-being.
With the recent celebration of Father’s Day, we’ve decided to post tips on being a healthier man.
Premier trainer John Kishishian offered several tips specifically crafted for men to maintain a stronger and fitter lifestyle. When guys come into the club, this is what we hope they keep in mind . . .
1. Start your workout with a general warmup on one of the cardio pieces for about 5 minutes.

2. Move to a more specific warm up, particularly for the rotator cuff muscles.

3. Always seek to have perfect form, every exercise, every set and rep. This trains your body to move in correct movement patterns. Don't sacrifice good form in order to use heavier weight.

4. Drink water throughout the day. Men should aim for just over a gallon and up to two gallons a day, depending on each individual’s weight.

5. Eat 5 or 6 times a day. Smaller, frequent meals keep the body's calorie burning and energy at a higher level.

6. Men should ideally weight train 3x a week, making sure to hit all the major muscle groups.

7. Don't use working out as an excuse to fill yourself with junk food and drink. Eat clean most of the week and allow yourself to slack off a little on weekends.

8. Remember to take some time for yourself to clear your head and move your body. Family time is necessary for those of you who are fathers/husbands to maintain a well-balanced life along with nurturing a spiritual life as well.

Here’s to the sons, brothers, fathers, boyfriends and husbands. Remember to reach out to a Premier trainer with any questions!

Positively Premier: Tips for Bigger Arms
T-shirt weather in Central Ohio has long since dawned – perfect for showing off bulging biceps. Many men are looking for ways to increase the size of their arms.
We have a few tips to help you create a more impressive flex.
First, make sure you understand how your arms are built. For example, many men focus on their biceps. But it’s important to understand your arms are actually two-third triceps. These are the muscles at the back of your arm. Make sure you build in time to train these muscles during your routine.
Next, make sure you don’t drop the weights during your workout. We understand it may feel cool dropping a heavy weight while a rush of accomplishment washes over you – just like you see in the movies. But a study from the University of Florida illustrates that doing so could actually cut your efforts by as much as half. This is due to the fact you’re only performing a concentric muscle contraction. When you drop the weight, you’re totally skipping what’s called the eccentric muscle contract. This happens in a dumbbell curl during the lowering point – which is when the bicep is lengthening.
Thirdly, make sure to lift enough weight. A good one is a heavy-compound exercise such as the close-grip bench press. However, be certain you’re doing it safely and consult a trainer before deciding on an appropriate amount. Premier trainers are always around in order to assist with your technique and decisions. Safety first! Personal training sessions are inexpensive and can make a colossal difference in the results you see.
Finally, remember to eat! Bigger muscles don’t grow from nothing. Imagine trying to build a house without any materials. You won’t get very far. Lifting weights will stimulate your muscles to grow, but nothing will happen without proper nutrition. Give the body what it needs to create the tissue. Make sure you eat 20 to 30 grams of protein and 60 grams to 90 grams of carbohydrates so your body can repair and regrow your muscles. Premier’s Bistro has a lot of protein-rich options, including delicious shakes, you can consume after you’re done training. Other menu options will handily provide you with the carbs you need.
T-shirt weather is here to stay for a while. There’s no better time to get started than now.
(Tips courtesy of GQ Magazine)

Positively Premier: Keeping New Year’s 2016 Resolutions
The thing about New Year’s resolutions is they’re easy to make. Keeping them, however, can be a little trickier.
Maybe you want to lose weight or build muscle. You don’t want to simply start the process, but build a lifetime of fitness. It’s about changing your life. A great tool to help you *stick* with the plan is getting a little help. It will make a tremendous difference as opposed to going it alone.
You’re not alone in this.
James Buffington, Premier’s Head Personal Trainer, breaks it down:
Think of the last, somewhat important, thing you did successfully. You weren’t expected to do it all on your own, were you?
a. Underwent a medical procedure (medical specialists, physical therapists and assistants)
b. Bought or sold a home (Realtor, attorney, title Co., lender, appraiser, home inspector)
c. Purchased an expensive automobile (Car salesman, loan coordinator, dealership with knowledgeable staff)
d. Planned a wedding and or luxury vacation (Wedding planners, vacation or trip planner, professional DJ, florist)
Examples could go on and on. The point is professionals made all the difference in those instances. And the same can hold true when it comes to crafting a new lifestyle and a lifetime of fitness. It’s about making sure you select the best resources.
“Ask yourself, do you think your health and wellness (or in this case, your resolutions) should be trusted with the next fad diet, pharmacy drug, or magazine article?” Buffington said.
Having the right partner can help you change your body. Again: You don’t have to do this alone. Personal trainers have the passion to help you, he said.
Here are some of the biggest culprits as to why people lose steam when it comes to their New Year’s fitness resolutions:

- The focus wears off with work, life, family, schedules
- Motivation wears off
- Difficulty of the work or intensity of lifestyle changes
- Unattainable goals set
- Have no clue how to exercise specific to their individual needs and goals
- Things get stale and workouts get old and boring
- They allow themselves off the hook by making excuses
- They are seeing no results or too little for all the effort

Trainers can help address those because their characteristics include:

- They are focused on YOUR GOALS
- They are motivational
- They are positive
- They are problem solvers
- They are educators
- They are detail-oriented
- They are knowledgeable and able to work through or around injuries or limitations
- They are a library of information and ideas
- They are walkers of the walk
- They are masters of the goal-setting and achieving process

“Sounds like a match made in Heaven to me!” Buffington said.

If you’re interested in learning more, head to Premier’s service desk. We have all the answers you need to
help you stick to your resolutions for 2016 and for a lifetime!

Positively Premier: Holiday Workout
With the holidays come Christmas cookies, huge family meals, and other deliciously sweet and sugary snacks to tempt us throughout parties and get-togethers.
And with those added calories come added inches to the waistline. If you’re looking to keep in shape this holiday season and are devoted to a lifetime of fitness, check out this workout plan from James Buffington, Premier’s head personal trainer!
The “BUFFington Post” Beat the Holiday Workout Plan:

1. We cannot talk about defeating the “Holiday Burst” with high-output workouts without first talking about controlling input. On holiday meal “off days,” try beating the season by capitalizing on this easy-to-follow meal plan.
a. Try a shake for breakfast, another shake for lunch and only a slight splurge for dinner. You can purchase shakes at the Premier Bistro -- or for home use I recommend Beverly International UMP shakes. They are the best-tasting, no-to-low sugar, quality protein shakes on the market that you can actually purchase through James Buffington for less than retail pricing!
2. Try this advanced boxing workout on the heavy bags at Premier (if you have questions, need help or boxing instruction, see James Buffington or email jbuffington@premieratsawmill.com) You will need wrist wraps, boxing or bag gloves and a jump rope. A circuit, interval, or boxing timer app will also help -- but a normal clock with second display is sufficient.
a. Run .25 mile on the treadmill. Break a good sweat.
b. Jump rope slowly for 1 minute.
c. Do jabs and crosses only on the bag for 2 minutes.
d. Return to jump rope for 1 minute.
e. Do upper cuts and hooks only on the bag for 2 minutes.
f. Return to rope for 1 minute.
g. Freestyle punch combos and footwork for 2 minutes (move around the bag, slow the bag-sway and attack from all angles).
h. Now perform 30 walking lunges with front kicks. Front kick high, then drop that foot into a lunge, stride forward kicking the alternate leg forward and continue walking lunges while first striking with a front kick.
i. 1 minute of jump rope.
j. 30 full sit-ups. This means lying on your back with your knees bent, sit up without pulling on your neck, keeping your chin away from your chest and touching your elbow atop your knees and returning, under control, your shoulder blades to the floor and repeating.
k. 1 minute on jump rope.
l. 20 full burpees. A full burpee goes from a standing position directly to a pushup, while popping the feet up underneath you as you push off the floor and jump raising your hands and reaching for the ceiling, landing back in your original standing/starting position.
m. 1 minute on jump rope.
n. Repeat kicking lunges, sit ups and burpees 2 times through (60 each total).

Positively Premier: Kids Christmas Activities
The holidays are an exciting time for families. The music! Parties! Looking forward to Santa! Ho! Ho! Ho!
Many parents in Columbus and the Central Ohio area are looking for Christmas activities for their kids. Part of it is for their sons and daughters to have fun. But we all know “Santa” needs a little time to prepare gifts for children.
Problem solved!
Premier’s Holiday Bash will be held December 12th from 10:00 a.m. to noon. And it’s only five dollars per child! Kids will get to visit with Santa Claus, receive a balloon creation from the Balloon Lady, devour delicious cupcakes from PolkaDot Cupcakery , and enjoy a holiday craft and you can add a breakfast buffet to the fun! Make sure to register at the service desk!
When it comes time for parents needing to get away from their kids for shopping, there are several opportunities directly ahead.
Check out Premier’s “Drop and Shop Childcare.” For a flat fee of $15, members can leave their boys and girls in the secure care of the Kids Club and Zone at the club! Upcoming dates include December 10th from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and December 16th from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Pre-registration is needed at the service desk. Call us at 614-336-CLUB.
We also have regular “Parents Nights Out” on the third Saturday of each month. This month’s event falls the week before Christmas! Mothers and fathers are encouraged to drop off their children aged 1-12 from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on December 19. Kids will enjoy crafts, indoor swimming, a snack and a movie! Check out the service desk for more details.
Finally, school will be out soon for the holiday season! Kids aged 3-10 are welcome to join us at “School’s Out Fun!” on December 23 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. This day will feature crafts, games and more! Call the service desk to register and get more information.
Tis the season for making life fun for kids and easier for parents! (Although we do it throughout the year!) Ho! Ho! Ho!

Positively Premier: Pregnancy Workout Tips - December 2015

Having a baby is a wonderful, challenging and life-changing experience. Your world will completely revolve around caring for your infant.
But you need care as well – especially while you’re pregnant. You want to keep yourself as healthy as possible. A big part of that is regular exercise, which can improve your heart health, give you energy, and even boost your self-esteem!
Exercising during pregnancy is exceptionally important to maintain strength in the core and throughout the body to relieve symptoms, including aches and pains. The core muscles need to be strong for an easier delivery. Studies show that women who exercise throughout the duration of their pregnancy have leaner babies and shorter labors! Who wouldn’t want that?
Of course, always check with your physician before starting any exercise routine. Once you’re given the green light, it’s wise to get in at least 30 minutes or more of moderate activity three or four days a week.
Start with something simple: walking. Whether you’re taking a stroll with a friend or going for a trek around the park or neighborhood on your own with headphones – this is a great way to get a cardiovascular workout without too much strain on your knees and ankles.
As your baby bump grows, you may lose your sense or balance and coordination – so try to keep on smooth surfaces and avoid things like potholes. Also wear supportive sneakers and remember your feet may swell in the later part of your pregnancy. At this time, you may want to buy shoes a half-size bigger.
Swimming is also a great exercise when you’re pregnant. Premier’s indoor pool is a great place for this. One of the biggest benefits for swimming is the complete lack of risk for falling on your stomach and injuring your baby. It also offers a better range of motion without putting pressure on your joints. Be sure to avoid strokes that could hurt your neck, shoulders or back muscles. The breaststroke is a good choice because there’s no rotation of the torso or belly involved. And obviously, avoid diving or jumping into the pool. And stay away from steam rooms, hot tubs and saunas. You don’t want to overheat and turn your womb into an oven. Keep the temperature just right.
Another fantastic choice is prenatal yoga to keep up your flexibility. It’s also wonderful for your joints and strengths your muscles, stimulates circulation, and helps you relax. However, when you reach the later parts of your pregnancy, don’t try the poses that challenge your balance. We want to keep baby totally safe at all times.
Finally, sensible weight training is definitely a good idea. Strengthening your muscles in preparation of constantly carrying around your bundle of joy is always smart. This will also neutralize potential injuries during pregnancy with the muscles around your joints.
Of course, make sure you use an appropriate weight. Don’t go to heavy – it will cause a strain on your abdomen. And don’t lie flat on your back. If you find yourself holding your breath, put the weight down immediately. You definitely need to make a lighter selection. Poor breathing can increase your own blood pressure and reduce the flow of blood to your baby.
Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club offers prenatal classes on Thursdays from 12:00 p.m. to 12:45 p.m. in Studio 2. The focus is on repairing all the muscles that become weakened while carrying a baby for 9 months -- all while getting an incredibly energizing, safe and effective workout for expectant mothers. Any pregnant woman at any fitness level is encouraged to come from their first to the end of their third trimester. This class will have something for everyone to do! The service desk is the best place to get more information. We’re here to help you take care of yourself . . . and your unborn baby!
Source: http://www.parents.com/pregnancy/my-body/fitness/best-workouts-for-moms-to-be/

Positively Premier: Thanksgiving Workout - November 2015 
Turkey Day is around the corner!
And with a tremendous feast also comes a tremendous amount of calories. Few people watch their waistlines when it comes to one of the biggest meals of the year. But what happens when you want to burn away what you’ve put on? Perhaps you want to get in solid shape before it’s time to stuff yourself with a stuffed bird. If you want to give yourself a better body this holiday season, check out the following workout offered by James Buffington, Premier’s head personal trainer.
“Buff’s Primal BURN”

“Buff” – Short for Buffington, last name of Master Fitness Trainer
“Primal” – Refers to the movements involved which are primal or natural; Push, Pull, Sit & Bend
“BURN” – Refers to the higher amount of total calories per time you can metabolize due to using the largest muscles groups and intervals.

This is intended for able-bodied individuals without joint pain and with enough strength to perform exercises accurately. One should progress or regress to the most appropriate exercise per individual fitness level:
- Run .25mile on a treadmill (If you cannot run the whole way, do whatever you can and complete as fast as you can)
- PUSH: Push-ups to failure (this means chest to floor and drop knees when you fail and finish with knees down until you fail)
- PULL: Bent over rows (back parallel with the floor and straight, arm pulling from low to high squeezing shoulder blades behind you at the peak of the pull) Go heavy enough to wear out with less than 15 reps
- SIT: Dumbbell squats for 20 reps (feet slightly narrow, arms to sides with weight, sit on a bench and stand)
- BEND: Straight bar, straight leg dead lifts (knees barely bent, back completely straight, bar staying close to legs while hips bend back and forth, squeezing glutes at the top driving hips forward)

Repeat until 30 minutes has been spent (or the term you wish to work out for has expired). Now you enjoy Turkey Day with a little less guilt!
Before it’s time to carve the bird, pop into Premier to take on this holiday workout challenge. This isn’t just about Thanksgiving, but a lifetime of fitness!

Positively Premier: Gym Etiquette - November 2015 

We recently took a gander at important things to keep in mind when using the sauna/steam room and locker room. Now let’s check out what to remember when using the fitness equipment!

Keep in mind where you are. For example, it may be more acceptable to yell and slam weights at a bodybuilding or cross-fit gym. But when it comes to a family club environment like Premier, it’s best to tone it down.

Come dressed for a workout – not digging holes or playing in the mud. Good hygiene goes a long way and even though you plan to get sweaty, show up in clean clothes. The folks around you will appreciate it! This includes clean shoes. They don’t have to be brand new, but try not to step into the gym with the shoes you wore while doing yard work. You don’t want to track in mulch, mud, salt or other debris.

Wait your turn. Certainly you enjoy the ability to focus when you’re in the middle of sets while hitting the weights and beefing up those biceps. Show others the same courtesy. Don’t interrupt them. Circuits, intervals, supersets, and the like will always be staples in workout programs. And folks may be coming back to a certain machine or area. Just because they leave for 30 seconds doesn’t mean they’re done. Give them a chance to wrap things up on their own terms.

Try your best not to walk in front of someone working out in front of a mirror or shatter their concentration in any way. This is a good thing on which to “reflect.” If you feel like you’re in the way, just wait until they’re finished and don’t have weights in their hands any longer.

Try not to hold any space or piece of equipment hostage for too long. The gym has times throughout the day when things get really busy. People are coming in all around the same time and want to get in their weightlifting and other fitness goals. Limit your time on the cardio machines to 30 or 40 minutes, be extra-attentive when working in on sets with others, and be aware of someone waiting patiently behind you who may want to use the same equipment.

When it comes to phones – just say no! Stay off your mobile device, please. It’s a safety issue, a sexual predator concern, and more. The only appropriate use is listening to music on the fitness floor. Don’t sit there and scroll through your phone between sets while you take up space or a machine. If you need to use your phone, especially for a conversation, please head to the lobby or step outside the club.

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Remember, people will be using equipment and spaces after you. Wipe off the machines, re-rack the weights, pick up towels, etc. A good rule of thumb is to leave things in a better condition than how you found them. The next person will appreciate it!

Be considerate when working in with someone using equipment. Don’t try to push your way in or show signs of impatience when someone is using equipment you want. You may ask to work in with them, but be polite about it. If they say no – don’t stomp your feet and cause a scene. Just let them finish in peace.

Return weights and other equipment to their proper place. It can be frustrating when you’re seeking a specific weight level and can’t find it – despite being exactly where it is supposed to be placed. This is also true for things like kettlebells, jump ropes, and more. When you’re done with something, don’t just leave it on the ground. Taking the 10 seconds to put it back can make someone else’s workout experience 10 times easier.

Smoking never fits into any fitness goals. However, if you feel the need to light up – make sure you wait until after you’ve left the parking lot. The smell is repulsive to many – and it could negatively impact your image.

If you remember the “Golden Rule” then you’ll get along with everyone just fine! We want everyone to have a lifetime of happiness and fitness. If we all take care of each other – we can all meet our goals!


Premier: Sauna/Steam Room & Locker Room Etiquette - October 2015
Some folks just want to get sweaty.

Saunas and steam rooms are immensely popular. The benefits of both are a large reason for their popularity and each has its own loyal user.
Both dry heat (sauna) and moist heat (steam) with a touch of eucalyptus helps with tight and aching muscles as well as your entire respiratory system. In order to have a more complete and satisfactory experience, etiquette is a big part of this positive experience. But as we all learned in kindergarten, sharing is important. After all, it’s imperative to think of others – and doing so can lead to a more fulfilling experience for everyone.
Check out some simple etiquette tips below:
Close the door. Leaving it ajar lets the heat escape and it can take several minutes for the room to reach its optimal temperature once again. If you’re coming in or going out, do it quickly and make sure the door closes firmly behind you. Everyone will definitely appreciate it.
Sit down on your towel. Remember, saunas and steam rooms aren’t hot enough to kill germs. If you sit up, a bath towel is certainly large enough. If you’re going to lie down, bring a beach towel or use two bath towels. Not only will it protect the next person in that spot, but it’ll prevent you from encountering anything you’d . . . rather not.
And just to be clear: Your clothes dryer is at home. Not in the sauna. Don’t treat it as such.
Interestingly enough there are those who want to “work out” in the steam or sauna rooms…some in the buff. REALLY? Yes, really, it happens and it’s not appropriate nor tolerated and can be a safety issue.
Shower before you pop in. Some people pull off their sweaty workout clothes and head straight into the sauna or steam room or hot tub – bringing their dirtiness right in. Don’t be this person. Come in clean. And remember, if you’ve been swimming – you would bring in chlorine that can actually irritate other people’s eyes and lungs.
Of course, everyone is sharing a locker room. And that has its own set of etiquette rules. Of course, these are to make the experience better for you and everybody else.
As much as everyone wants you to be comfortable, remember this isn’t your home. Everything within these surroundings doesn’t belong to you except what you’re wearing or what’s in your gym bag.

Try to avoid taking over a large space. Women often do this with their blow dryers, curlers, makeup, etc. Men can take up a large area with their shaving equipment and other items. And when you’re done, make sure to tidy up. You would certainly enjoy having a space left in great condition when you arrive. The person coming in after you only wants the same thing – nothing more. Wipe up after yourself, wash the toothpaste completely down the sink, and make sure all trash ends up where it belongs – in the can.

Now, let’s talk about nudity.
Walking around naked is perfectly acceptable in the privacy of your own home. But again, you’re not home. When changing in the locker room, try to keep being completely disrobed to the “bare” minimum. Even if you’re in tremendous shape, no one else is interested in seeing you flaunt what you’ve got. Cover up, ESPECIALLY around sinks. Put a towel on or a barrier, no one wants your junk touching the same place where you brush your teeth or wash your face.
And when you’re naked, be sure not to engage in discussions with others. A nod or quick hello is perfectly fine, but it can be unnerving when someone is completely nude and engages in a long conversation.

As other folks are changing, they’re likely feeling a little vulnerable. This is pretty much the worst time ever to being out your cell phone. No one wants a camera of any kind in there. Wanting to check your phone for messages and social media updates is fine – as long as you take it outside the locker room. Premier has a no-phone policy inside all locker rooms. There are always those who either don’t know or may not care, please notify an attendant if needed. Having it inside will make everyone extraordinarily uncomfortable.

When in the shower, be sure to wear flip-flops. Not only are you protecting yourself, but also letting others know hygiene is important to you. It will definitely be appreciated by the surrounding members.

And keep the personal grooming to a minimum. Save the toe nail and “hair” clipping for home. The same goes for shaving your head or face in the steam rooms…or dyeing your hair. Anything beyond the routine day-to-day stuff is best saved for your own personal bathroom.

 Ultimately, etiquette comes down to the golden rule. Just treat others as you would like to be treated and everyone will get along just fine. Now go get your sweat on at Premier.



Positively Premier: Pregnancy Workout Classes - October 2015

Having a baby is a blessing – there’s no doubt about it. But it can also wreak havoc on a woman’s body.
It’s important for women to keep active in a safe and healthy way both before and after their child is born. Exercising during pregnancy is extremely important to maintain strength in the core and throughout the body to relieve pregnancy symptoms, including aches and pains. The core muscles need to be strong for an easier delivery. Studies show that women who exercise throughout the duration of their pregnancy have leaner babies and shorter labors!

In almost any case, a pregnant woman's life revolves around the health and status of her baby. This is mom's time to focus on herself and what makes her feel good. Working out during pregnancy also helps women recover quicker postpartum!

Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club offers prenatal classes on Thursdays from 12:00 p.m. to 12:45 p.m. in Studio 2. The focus is on repairing all the muscles that become weakened while carrying a baby for 9 months -- all while getting an incredibly energizing, safe and effective workout for expectant mothers. Any pregnant woman at any fitness level is encouraged to come from their first to the end of their third trimester. This class will have something for everyone to do!

Anyone is allowed to try one group class for free the first time. After that, Premier has several package options available for women to choose from that will personalize their experience even further. Additionally, each mom will get a coupon for a free coffee or a $1 off a smoothie for each class they attend.

Premier also has classes for mothers who have recently given birth. The postnatal classes are offered on Mondays from 4:00 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. and
Sundays from 1:30 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. in Studio 2.

Women in this class will be strengthening the areas that are put under the most stress during pregnancy and labor starting from the core and pelvic floor. These will be gentle exercises designed to relieve common postpartum symptoms and jumpstart each woman's return to fitness. Every strengthening movement requires a strong core and these exercises will help effectively jumpstart the reduction of the "mommy tummy."

Women can start many of these exercises as soon as 3-4 weeks post-labor as long as they feel like they are ready to resume very light exercise. Most women will wait until the 6-week mark when they are cleared by their doctor to resume workouts of any kind.

It's important for even the most athletic women to start in a class like this to focus on the deepest abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles in order to accelerate their recovery and transition back into an active lifestyle without any pain.

The same packages are available as the prenatal class. Anyone with questions is encouraged to ask the service desk.

At Premier, we’re largely family-focused and always excited to be able to take care of the main person responsible for starting and growing a family – mom!

Positively Premier - September 2015

Leave the husbands and boyfriends at home! The party starts at Premier!

On September 24, Ladies Night will commence at 7:00 p.m. in the club and run until 11:00 p.m. Members can come in for free and bring guests in for only five bucks each. RSVPs are required and you can do it right here

Get a “leg up” over everybody by entering our “Sexy Shoe Contest.” Wear your hottest heels to the event! You’ll turn heads and have a chance to win a special prize package! But that’s not the only way to win. Premier is also holding a special raffle and you’ll need to step on in to find out what you could claim!

In our Club Room, there’s an extra-special opportunity for the creative at heart! It’s only $20 per person (normally $35) to enter. You’ll be able to paint your own masterpiece . . . with the help of local artists from Wine and Canvas Studios! The small fee includes all of your supplies. This opportunity is limited to the first 20 participants – so sign up fast! This portion of the evening runs from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Be sure to bring your appetites because the BFAM food truck will arrive at 7:30 p.m. A $5 meal ticket includes a delectable pulled pork or shredded chicken slider, mac and cheese, pasta salad, and lip-smacking gourmet mini-cupcakes from PolkaDot Cupcakery!

We want to celebrate women and this is our way of bringing them together into our club. All the mothers, wives, girlfriends, daughters, and sisters who are part of the Premier community are vital to our success. We appreciate all our members and hope to see you ladies soon!
Don’t forget to RSVP!

Positively Premier: GRIT Games!

An intense competition was recently held at Premier where folks got their GRIT on!

Similar to CrossFit Games, the “GRIT Games” were a huge success recently, with participants training throughout the summer to prepare. The event synced up with the Les Mills GRIT series, which uses high-intensity, high-interval training to sculpt bodies through short and intense bursts of effort.

The GRIT Games are designed by the exercise team at Les Mills to put the athleticism of participants to the test in three areas: strength, cardio and plyometrics!

Premier had six teams of four – who all competed against one another at the same time through three phases: a five-minute Burpee challenge, a team relay where one team member at a time cranks out 10 reps of each exercise in a prescribed order, and the third required each team to complete 20 reps of each exercise together, again, in order.

Afterward, awards were distributed and a pool party was thrown with food catered by Premier’s Bistro.

Awards included: Grittiest male and female, MVP, 1st place finishers, Terrific Tuck Jumps, Best Burpee, Toughest Team, Perfect Pushup and Superior Squats.

“I was inspired by the passion and team camaraderie amongst these participants. They were each other’s biggest cheerleaders,” said Crystal Sunkle, who organized the event at Premier. “The coaches who lead these members go head-to-head with each person to drive and motivate in ways that go above and beyond any program I have ever been a part of. It’s more than a workout class; it’s a tribe. They all believe in each other. “

These games are another example of how Premier helps people in Central Ohio with fat loss, building muscle, and creating a community of like-minded folks as people meet each other and form long-lasting bonds.

Positively Premier: Grooving Poolside

There’s still plenty of summer left – and enjoying live music by the water sounds like a great way to spend it

Coming to an athletic club is all about wellness, and this includes mental healthiness. A tremendous way to relax comes in the form of enjoying live performances by an outdoor pool. And Premier has more than one recurring act.

Jason Turpening and Daniel Fox are currently appearing throughout the summer. The former is available for two regular events: Poolside Grooves and AcousTuesdays. Fox plays in the Melvin-Jazz Trio and during Bloody Mary Bar Sundays. Both Central Ohio musicians put on must-see shows.

All of these opportunities can be found on the events page! Just click the hyperlink for a full schedule.

Turpening performs an assortment of music spanning seven decades, which means there’s something for absolutely everyone. And Fox’s performances in the jazz trio are incredibly peaceful and relaxing as members lay poolside with a drink -- creating a mellow and meditative atmosphere.

Public pools don’t offer this type of entertainment. Premier creates a resort-like atmosphere with these concerts, which are in stark contrast to the same Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars songs looping endlessly on the radio.

The atmosphere is so warm; people have been known to dance and sing along – which creates good vibes throughout the entire outdoor pool area.

The health benefits of relaxation are crucial. De-stressing lowers the risk for heart problems, strokes and catching illnesses like a cold. It also boosts memory, wards off depression, helps you make better decisions, and can boost drive in your love life!

Hitting the weights and track are certainly important. But slowing down and slipping into Premier’s soothing musical atmosphere will also help improve your health.

And that’s what Premier is all about – improving both physical and mental wellness. The sun is out and the water is fine. We hope to see you soon.

July 2015 - Positively Premier: Going to the MAT!

Fitness is all about goals. These can include increasing muscle mass, losing weight, improving cardiovascular health, and more. But no one has the goal of a failing joint and terrible pain. That’s when three important letters come into the picture: MAT.
They stand for “Muscle Activation Techniques.”

Any joint has a number of tendons and muscles which work to move, stabilize and hold things in place against various ranges and angles of force. If even one isn’t doing their job – boom – there’s an imbalance in the joint. And that causes inflammation and everything else in the muscle to have to compensate. Bottom line: pain!

This is actually the number one reason people visit the doctor: musculoskeletal injuries and pains. Folks are often referred to a number of specialists. These issues can lead to surgery, injections, and physical therapy – without the problems being completely resolved!

But that’s where MAT can offer a completely different path to relief and keep everything working strongly. Specialists in this particular area work hand-in-hand with James Buffington, head personal trainer at Premier, (along with a select group of other Premier trainers) to reinforce appropriate exercises with members.
Often times, people will come into Premier after feeling like they have tried everything else to make their pain go away. And then they discover MAT. Buffington and his trainers have a very good success rate with people who have issues with bone-on-bone problems, advanced muscular diseases, along with spinal and nerve injuries. In fact, people can discover early results within one to three sessions.

Buffington and his team receive two major compliments. The first is how different what they do is – using MAT instead of other therapies. The second is how they work together to solve the issues. Members who have used MAT cite reduced pain and inflammation in their joints, improved strength and stability, the ability to continue doing or returning to activities they enjoy -- and even learning age does not have to mean a loss of function!

Fact: There are very few athletic clubs in the United States -- let alone Central Ohio -- offering this service. Premier’s general belief is simple: Unless contradicted by a physician for some reason, people are better off exercising! There is no shortage of science to back up this philosophy. It’s about simply providing members what they deserve . . . no different than a pro athlete.
More information is available at the front desk or the information board, which is located between the bistro and front desk. People are also welcome to e-mail Buffington directly at JBuffington@PremierAtSawmill.com.

Pain happens. Premier can help.

June 2015 - Positively Premier: Top 10 Reasons to Aquacycle!

People use all sorts of means to find fun ways to exercise. The great thing about fitness is there’s no “one size fits all.”  Some try to chisel a lean body through a stationary bike, while others enjoy working out in the pool, for example.

However, there are still others who like to combine those two!  Aquacycling, a fun and challenging workout, comes in the form of the hydrorider bikes – which lets you pedal in the pool! It’s a great way to lose fat, tone up and more!

Here are the top 10 reasons to give it a spin!

#1 Up to 800kcal

You can burn up to 800kcal per hour while cycling in the water!  (Wait . . . kcal? The “k” means killed calories -- or the calories you lost!) Thanks to the support and the pressure provided by the water, blood circulation is sped up and fat begins to be eliminated.

#2 Effectively burns cellulite

Water friction acts as a massage for the legs, doubling the stimulation and action on the cellulite, helping to eliminate it. Water resistance and movement impact various muscles and generate a natural massage that clearly improves the skin aspects and cellulite.

#3 Actively enhances blood flow

The hydrostatic pressure of water, combined with cycling movement, considerably increase your blood flow and circulation, energizing your muscles, and reducing the symptoms of tired legs. Water pressure compensates the arterial pressure and improves circulation. If your blood circulates well, your legs feel lighter.

#4 Impact free on joints

Water’s zero-gravity-feeling is perfect for people with muscular, joint, or weight problems. The water supports your bodyweight. Aquacycling is a fun and challenging impact-free work-out.

#5 No soreness

Heavy workouts can often cause delayed onset muscle soreness. Not aquacycling! While in the water, you are preventing your body from any small tears in your muscles or connective tissue. Your muscles are working out nicely . . . but efficiently.

#6 No stress/ better sleep

Stress is reduced and sleep improves. Posture, muscle relaxation and flexibility are also enhanced!

#7 Improves cardiovascular endurance

While in the water, your heartbeat frequency is 10% lower than on land. You work at a higher intensity with a lower heart rate, which helps improve your endurance.

#8 Increases breathing capacity

Breathing well is the key to a good workout. The air stimulates the blood flow and brings oxygen to your muscles, which help them work better and get an efficient workout. In the water, you don’t feel out of breath. Instead, you increase your capacity in a gentle way.

#9 Promotes flexibility and recovery

The buoyancy of water allows you to move your joints in a wider range of motion than you could on land. Aquacycling is also a very good recovery workout after a marathon, race, or intense land-based workout. It allows you to recover better and faster.

#10 Europeans love it

Aquacycling is a revolution in Europe and has already proven numerous benefits on both health and beauty. Thanks to its positive impact on people’s lives, aquacycling has now turned into a massive trend all over Europe. All media are relaying this extraordinary phenomenon and many sports clubs are now offering aquacycling classes, transforming this physical therapy activity into a real group fitness workout!

Premier offers aquacycling – along with all the benefits listed above.  For more information, swing by the service desk near the front of the club.  Our staff is always happy to provide further details!

Positively Premier: More than Just a Pool!

There’s more to a pool than water and a big hole in the ground – at least with Premier!

Members and non-members alike flock to the outdoor aquatic area for an assortment of opportunities and memorable days and nights! The prospects run the gamut from family fun to adults-only activities.

Mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, grandmas, grandpas, brothers, sisters, and more all enjoy Premier’s Family Fun Movie Series. Selections include “Penguins of Madagascar” and the recent hit “Paddington”! These special evenings include pool games with prizes and a cannonball contest for dads!

Do you think your pop has what it takes to claim the prize? We would love to see him splash!

Musician Jason Turpening is on hand at various times to play acoustic classic rock, pop and blues. We call it “Poolside Grooves.” We think you’ll “groove” along with him to the tunes. We also have “AcousTuesdays” -- acoustic music from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. This is a tremendous way to unwind after work.

Poolside trivia nights are also a big hit. Challenge your friends, date, or spouse while learning all sorts of fun facts in a relaxing atmosphere!

Couples and parents looking for date ideas in the Columbus, Ohio area can enjoy “Bloody Mary Sunday” -- happening every Sunday 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  

Check out our events calendar for more details. And, as always, feel free to approach our service desk.  We will be delighted to offer more information!

Speaking of info, remember to sign up for our e-blast!  You don’t even have to be a member! We want to send you all the exciting updates about what is going on in the club!

Positively Premier: Family Time

It’s no state secret:  Spending time together as a family has a wealth of benefits.

For example, one advantage is greater emotional bonding.  Parents are occupied with work for many hours of the day and kids are either in school or hanging out with their friends.  As time goes on and everyone focuses on their own worlds, families can become more like strangers without even knowing it. Doing something together re-solidifies those imperative bonds and can establish lifelong memories.

A child’s academic success is reportedly tied to having frequent communication with the mother and spending time doing activities with the father.  On top of that, adolescents whose parents are involved in their lives tend to demonstrate fewer behavioral issues.  Young people who participate in activities are also less likely to become involved in violence. Additionally, mothers and fathers who spend time with their children set a stronger example for parenting.

Furthermore, teenagers who often have dinner with their families face a minimized risk of engaging in substance abuse.  

One of the healthiest ways to bond is staying active together. A family fitness center can offer a surplus of opportunities to do something everyone can relish.  And the summer weather offers one perfect example: hanging out at the pool.

The outdoor pool at Premier is always hopping with warm temperatures and families often flock to swim and play together.  Some parents enjoy splashing around with their kids, while others love the outdoor grill, complete with hamburgers, hot dogs, and other delicious snacks.

If the kids are at least 16, they can join their parents on the fitness equipment and get a workout in together.  Whether it’s spending time on the elliptical and encouraging one another, or lifting weights side-by-side, families are often seeing bonding at Premier.

A long list of events at Premier includes all sorts of safe bets when it comes to bringing everyone together.  An exciting one coming up soon is our Friday Family Fun Night!  On June 19, from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., food and drink specials will be offered, along with family pool games! On top of that, a screening of The Penguins of Madagascar will take place! It’s a guaranteed blast!

Another big hit is Premier’s annual Daddy/Daughter Valentine Dance. This includes dinner and fun activities like cookie decorating, face painting, a “Sweetheart Dance,” and more! When the time comes back around, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Of course, there are also exciting annual events for Easter, Halloween, Christmas and more.  Additional information is always accessible on the events page. All of these occasions are Premier’s way of illustrating the importance of family bonding.

Of course, it doesn’t take a holiday to spend time together. An assortment of fitness classes is also available, which can be energizing and inspiring. Family members can make the best cheerleaders – it’s worth checking out, for sure.

Don’t forget to take a break and swing by the Bistro. Kids will enjoy the delicious selections and parents will appreciate the healthy ingredients! Remember how eating together can make a big difference!

Mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, among other family members, are often seen hanging out and bonding at Premier.  There are all sorts of amenities to keep everyone’s interest. 

Fitness is good for the body, but time together is good for the soul.


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Positively Premier:  “Get HIIT with GRIT

What is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)?

HIIT workouts are high-intensity, maximum effort “work” sets alternated with low-intensity, low-effort “rest” sets. In very basic terms, HIIT workouts center on short bursts of intense activity, alternating with periods of less strenuous activity or complete rest. 

Researchers have found repeatedly pushing the body close to its maximum effort for very brief periods, combined with stages of rest, is more effective than continuous moderate activity at improving cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic and mechanical functions.

It takes less time to work out and studies have revealed people tend to push themselves harder in shorter-timed periods of training.  It’s easier to put the pedal to the metal for 25-30 minutes versus 55-60 minutes.

At Premier At Sawmill Athletic Club, our approach to HIIT is through a nationally recognized, scientifically-based program known as

GRIT is small group training, designed to give more attention and focus to those who want to drive through their plateaus and fitness walls.  The highly-charged, certified coaches make the work out fun with up close and personal attention.

These workouts are short, but sharp, and push you to your maximum in only 30 minutes. Add just two of these classes, in addition to your existing workout program, to produce dramatic results quickly. 

GRIT simply incorporates elements from HIIT, which has helped a lot of people find success in losing weight and feeling better in all sorts of ways.

The GRIT program is sliced into three different parts:

·       GRIT cardio:  Explosive high impact, bodyweight-based training.

·       GRIT strength:  Works all major muscles, amps up your metabolism, stimulates the production of growth hormones which reduce fat and help develop LEAN muscles.

·       GRIT PLYO: Plyometric training to build power and increase speed.

Power agility training to transform type 2 muscle fiber and produce a lean athletic shape. Intensifies energy and increases muscular endurance and stamina.

Remember -- GRIT helps you stay fit.  Head to the Premier Service Desk to sign up now or contact Crystal Sunkle at csunkle@premieratsawmill.com for more information about adding this affordable investment to your training program.

You’ll like what you see in the mirror more and more.  

Positively Premier:  Your Second Home - April 2015

Not all gyms are created equal.

Many folks think of them as places where you hear the clangs of heavy weights, have to hold your nose in smelly locker rooms, and are forced to be surrounded by people grunting and sweating as they strive for peak physicality -- and look at you as some weakling.  For some, this may be the ideal environment. But most do not find it appealing.

Premier is the opposite of what you just read, and they do not consider themselves a gym. Premier is positioned as a family-friendly athletic club, similar to a country club without the golf course and large fees. It’s a place where, the longer you’re a member, the more people recognize you as a valued member.

Cleanliness is the cornerstone of Premier, which is the #1 reason nationally, why members leave or stay at their club. Premier Kids and parents alike find their favorite spots – whether it’s the pool, bistro, court sports or fitness floor – and melt into their comfort zone. 

Lasting relationships between members and employees, who very often know each other’s names and families, are a key draw for folks as to why they remain lifelong members of Premier.  Helping the warmth of the club is the fact that the club is locally-owned, devoid of any “corporate” environment.

Members deal directly with management to address needs as opposed to filing matters up some bureaucratic chain.  And the staff lives largely around the community – some of their parents were even members at one time.

Overall, members find they’re treated as if they belong to a country club or a resort as opposed to just being checked into a service desk.

For members like Keith F. and his family, it’s a place to look forward to visiting often.

“You walk in the front door and have Maria or Tyler, the whole gang, happy to greet you with a big smile on their faces,” he said. “It makes you feel welcome.”

Throughout the years, Keith says he’s had the pleasure of getting to know more than a couple dozen other members -- even interacting with them outside the club.

And when he’s here, he’s happy.

“The amenities are fabulous and the kids love the pool in the summer,” Keith said. “I think it’s the best club in the neighborhood.”

Another member, Chris A., calls Premier “a second home.”

“I used to work behind the counter years ago, but even after moving on, I can’t keep away,” he said. “Everyone knows my name; I’ve made memorable friendships here and always can’t wait to go back.”

A combination of the club’s trainers and the overall warmth of Premier’s community helped Chris commit to a fitter lifestyle.

“I shed 40 lbs. of fat, put on muscle mass, and made some great friends in the process,” he said. “This is somewhere I can really be myself.”

The club has a long-standing reputation of cleanliness and offering multiple services. There’s personal training, a bistro serving healthy and deliciously prepared cuisine and snacks, an indoor track, indoor and outdoor pools, and more.

In fact, Premier has recently undergone a series of upgrades within the facility, including a completely renovated locker room and spa experience, brand new equipment such as TRUE, Matrix and PRECOR, Hydro Water bikes and upgrades to the outdoor bar and patio.

It’s something Keith definitely appreciates.

“Thank you for making it a comfortable place for me and my family,” he said.

We hope you’ll find it just as inviting.

Positively Premier:  Tips for a Happy Safe Swimming

Hot summer days are around the bend – and we all know what that means. Suits, swimming, splashing and sunbathing!

Before long, everyone will be assembling at the pool.  It’s one of the most fun-filled seasons at Premier. And with the popularity, we’d like to offer a few important tips to keep everyone happy and safe in and around the water.

It’s always best to remember Premier is a family club. We have parents and children of all ages coming to enjoy themselves.  For this reason, it’s best to keep swimwear appropriate and leave the wildly skimpy bikinis and speedos at home.  This way, everyone feels comfortable around one another. And for young parents, it’s best to keep babies (who aren’t potty-trained) in a swim diaper to avoid any accidents in the water.

Speaking of kids, it’s easy for them to get a little rambunctious.  A lot of youngsters are thrilled to be out of school and into the pool.  And we’re all for that! And while our lifeguards keep a watchful eye over families to ensure safety, it’s ultimately the parents’ duty to be vigilant in preventing their sons and daughters from splashing and hitting other patrons or smaller children with pools toys, or rough-housing in the water.

A lot of youngsters are eager to dive into the pool, but haven’t yet mastered swimming. For those kids without this skill or a floatation device, we have to insist they be accompanied by an adult who is at least 18 years old and within arm’s reach at all times.  Remember -- floating aids are great, but can malfunction and allow a child to slip under the water without being noticed. 

Sometimes, our members bring toys and equipment with them to aid in a satisfying and memorable time at the pool. It’s always a good idea to respect the property of others and ask before picking something up and using it.  And of course, kids should play around in the pool. That’s why they’ve come! We want everyone to have a great time.  If your children have a pool toy or ball, please keep them in check and make sure they’re aware of others around them.

You are very welcome to come, but not your large inflatable pool toys.  It gets crowded and these items, while in the water, can thwart a lifeguard’s ability to keep careful eyes on everything. We don’t want a child to dip underneath an inflatable unnoticed.

As mentioned earlier, lifeguards are always on hand to protect members and guests.  Everything they do has a reason – safety.  Please respect them and their ability to enforce rules that keep all members safe. If you have a grievance or do not understand a pool rule, please address it with a manager who will be better equipped to handle emotions, versus a teenage employee, and can help you continue to enjoy your time at Premier.

Many patrons enjoy our outdoor grill. They delight in delicious food items and sip tasty, cold sodas or alcoholic beverages.  We’re glad our selections are wildly popular among our members and guests. We just ask everyone to clean up after themselves. When it’s time to get up and head back home, make sure empty water bottles, paper plates, food wrappers, etc. find their way into the trash can.  As folks pack it up, other people come in and relax at the newly-available spots. Outside food and alcohol are not permitted due to club policy, liquor laws and health department codes.

When it comes to lap swimming, we urge everyone to pick and stick with a lane. Select one with people who are going the same speed as you. The best advice we have:  take a moment to observe for a couple minutes before entering a lane. This will help pick out a swimmer who will go about as quickly or slowly as you.

When sharing a lane, remember they follow a circle pattern.  Please keep on the right-hand side and never dive or push/jump off into oncoming swimmers.

Our slide is extraordinarily popular – because it’s a lot of fun! Just remember – safety first! We want to avoid tragic injuries and worse from misuse.  If we all work together and keep the rules in mind, everyone will have a blast without a worry.

If everyone works together and follows these tips and rules, pool season will continue to be just as fun, exciting, relaxing and satisfying as it’s always been. 

Positively Premier:  Kids Get Camping in the Sizzling Summer - March 2015

The abysmal winter season is finally coming to an end.  As temperatures rise, so does excitement about the hot summer season!

In the blink of an eye, kids will be out of school – and that can leave a lot of adults trying to figure out what do with them. After all, parents still have their jobs and, of course, want to enjoy their workouts and other amenities at Premier.   No worries, because registration is happening right now for Summer Kids Camps!

Every child is obviously different, so we strive to match as many interests as we can. That’s why we have programs in art, science, sports, games and fitness!

A big focus is convenience for moms and dads. We offer a “meal deal,” so parents can easily purchase a lunch for their kids instead of having to pack one beforehand. Additionally, we offer aftercare when camp has finished for the day at a minimal cost.  This proves to be a tremendous benefit for working parents who need a little extra time at the end of a busy day.

Fun Fact: Parents can use our camps as a tax deduction when it comes to their flexible spending arrangements (FSA). See the service desk for more details!

And back by popular demand: Premier’s “End of Summer Sleepover” returns, so our camp kids can have one final night of fun with the friends they’ve made before the next school year begins. This has proven to a tremendous hit.

Your children are in extraordinarily capable hands. We find counselors who have experience with kids -- often focusing on teachers!

We have incredible adult-child ratios. The standard in Ohio for school-aged children is one caregiver to 20 kids.  But we’re definitely ahead of that. With Premier’s Summer Kids Camp, we have four caregivers for every 25 children!  This is because safety is our number one concern above all else. In fact, our ratios make us one of the safest places for youngsters in the state.

Kids don’t go to the restroom alone; they’re always attended no matter what. We know how valuable and precious children are and we safeguard them at every turn, all while having fun!

As always, we have lifeguards watching carefully over kids when they go swimming, which is something we offer every day at camp! We know it’s what all the young ones want to do in the summer. We fully support this because not only is it a blast, but it offers a lot of great exercise.  And each camp gets an important water safety lesson at the beginning of the week.

Finally, if you have a little one between the ages of two and five who might be jealous their big brother or sister gets to go for this wonderful opportunity, don’t worry! We have a special mini-camp just for them! They are half-day sessions, running from either 9:00-12:00 or 1:00-4:00.

After all, we’re a family athletic club – that means involving everyone as much as we possibly can.

One of our members, Casey Knight, had this to say about the experience. 
“LOVE KIDS CAMP!! The counselors were so organized and my son loved it. He wanted to do every camp! Please know how much people love the counselors and knowing our kids are safe and having fun!”

We think you’ll agree with Casey.  

If you want more details, search no further. Just click here for our official brochure! 

Positively Premier: Personal Training – Us vs. Them January 22, 2015
By: James Buffington, Head of Personal Training

Since coming on board more than two years ago, I’ve made a tremendous
amount of changes to our personal training program.

Overall, we’re expecting more out of our trainers.
We choose results-based exercises for our clients, not cookie-cutter,
one-size-fits-all, puppy mill classes.  We believe people have their large
objectives, like weight loss, but folks are often dealing with other issues
and obstacles we can break down into smaller goals and work on
concurrently.  Be it the lack of ability due to inexperience or injury, struggling
with managing enough time in their schedules to exercise, or other pains and
inflammatory struggles after exercise, people must learn to break these things
down, then take care of the smaller issues before trying to do the big things
and getting hurt. 

Everyone else is telling people they are out of shape, making them feel badly,
inadequate, and like they cannot do it alone. We don’t do that.
Our first three questions include topics such family, tearing down anxieties, and
a discussion on any pains one may be experiencing during or after exercising. 
We understand we cannot help you if we do not first listen.  We have solutions
to fitness obstacles, not the answer to everyone’s problems all wrapped up in
a list of five perfect exercises or a contract for training with no plan or means
to an end.

Everyone else is telling people to, “work through the pain,” and insisting
“no pain is no gain” along with pushing them to “work off what you ate!” We
think these tactics are just plain dumb and irresponsible -- and so do most
of the professional leaders in the fitness and medical industries.  
Pain is actually your warning signal something is wrong and you will never
outrun what you eat.  That’s why we partnered with local specialists, such as
sports medicine doctors, muscle activation specialists, physical therapists,
even chiropractors and acupuncturists in order to offer YOU, the exerciser,
everything a professional athlete or sports team might have at their disposal.  

Everyone else is using high pressure sales to defeat potential objections or
“trick” clients into a long-term contract. We discuss your goals and histories
in detail and recommend a plan of action that is best suited for YOU,
not the trainer’s paycheck
We hire trainers who are passionate about helping people and I coach them to
allow the client to make the sale.  We are buyers’ agents, not sales people. 
I invite you to check out how we differ from not only the competition, but our past. 
E-mail me your New Year’s resolutions or goals at jbuffington@premieratsawmill.com,
and I will offer you not only the best service and training in the region, but also a
$50 off voucher to use on our two most popular packages!

Also coming in 2015:
The 6-Week Transformation Challenge.  Only $97 for members and includes:
o   Two workouts per week
o   Weekly emails with hot topics, tips, nutrition factoids, cardio workouts and
      built-in accountability and motivation
o   Option to upgrade with nutrition and supplements at a discounted rate
o   Offers for additional programs at discounted rates and more!
Sport-Specific Programs: Jump into these programs before your sport’s
season to keep the muscles and movements involved “up to par!” This includes:
o   Golf
o   Racquet Ball
o   Youth Football, Lacrosse, Baseball and Basketball
o   Runners Training and Joint Repair
We sincerely want to earn your business through hard work, real results
and real referrals. Thanks for reading.
James Buffington
Head of Personal Training at Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club 

Positively Premier Blog #8 : Wetter is Better

The summer has left us. Leaves have transformed, the temperature has dipped and outdoor pools have closed.
But that doesn’t mean time at an indoor pool is out of the question – especially when it comes to fitness. In fact, water aerobics is an incredible way to get back and stay in shape. As you know, time flies and we’ll back to bikini weather before you know it!
You just need to find an indoor facility, much like the one at Premier which remains open 364 days out of the year. But before we get into that, let’s take a look at what we mean by the term “water aerobics.”
We’re talking about exercises and activities taking place in, of course, the water. The important thing to know is they strongly promote both physical and mental health. It can take place either in the shallow or deep end of the pool.
One of the wonderful and inviting things about the water is it allows individuals of all physical and mental abilities to join in the fun. Here’s a fun science fact: Buoyancy creates a reduced impact that’s easy on the joints, while the water's resistance challenges the muscles. Therefore the stress is on your muscles, not your joints. Which makes water fitness the most ideal exercise environment available!
It’s a win-win.
That’s why water lends itself to a well-balanced workout and improves all major components of physical fitness - aerobic training, muscle strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition.
When you come to Premier, you’ll be presented with a variety of classes. They range from low to hard impact. You’ll be in the experienced hands of certified instructors and watched over by Red Cross-certified lifeguards.
It’s a safe, clean, and friendly environment for all ages, of all abilities, so both children and adults can reach their individual goals and enjoy the facility. Premier’s classes provide increased cardiovascular fitness as well as overall strength management.
Members have lots of choices. In fact, Premier offer’s 20 classes a week for a variety of abilities and levels. All the instructors enjoy people and their passion is teaching. That’s what makes it such a special experience. They take the time to look at every single person and their needs. And when things get moving, everyone is treated to the latest fitness equipment.
What’s more fun is the instructors are right there in the water with you, coaching and encouraging everyone.
Some folks aren’t sure whether to hop into the deep or shallow end of the pool. Let’s take a look at advantages for both. Here’s a quick look at the list of benefits from exercising in the deep water:
• Zero impact
• No pressure on your spine
• Imbalances in your body are automatically equalized
• Work in all 3 planes
• Total range of motion is possible
• Flotation belt keeps your lower back “warm” and gives you support

And benefits of the shallow end include …

• Low impact
• Core stabilization
• Improved circulation due to hydrostatic pressure of water
• Increase metabolic output, resulting in more stamina and energy to burn more calories
• Water has 12 times more resistance than air, thus recruits more muscle fibers and
burns more calories
• Tone and strengthen all muscles

When you come in, we’ll have a kind and patient instructor give you an assessment to see what will likely work best for you and your goals.
And now, we’ll leave you with the top 10 reasons why you should come in to Premier. After all, the water’s fine!
1. Baby boomers are aging and so are their joints; uneven balance is ok in water
2. Excellent cross training
3. Sleep well
4. Unique properties of water allow more Range Of Motion than land
5. Total body workout in one hour: cardio, strength and flexibility
6. Your core is engaged the entire workout--especially in deep water
7. It’s fun and available for all fitness levels and make some friends
8. Variety of intensity
9. Reduced joint impact
10. Burn calories, tone that body and get stronger!
See you in the pool!

Premier Blog: Kids with Care
So, you’ve finally decided to take the plunge. It’s time to strip off those extra
pounds and take those first steps down a healthier path.

New sneakers? Check. Workout outfit? Check. Kids…?

Oh, right. The kids! It’s not like you can let them roam around the fitness floor. And the thought
of your 8-year-old attempting bicep curls isn’t exactly ideal. You need someone to watch them.
And not just anyone – someone you trust.

The right fitness club meets *all* your needs when it comes to carving out a proper workout.
That includes childcare. Premier at Sawmill has you covered. And we know how imperative
it is to leave them in the right hands. No one hands off their children to just anyone.

Moms and dads at Premier are re-assured and comfortable with the remarkable staff. Everyone
we hire must go through a strict background check and become certified in both CPR and First Aid.
Furthermore, we adhere to regular childcare facility ratio guidelines.

The most important word when it comes to caring for young children is safety. At Premier, we
offer secure check-ins and check-outs.

For those parents leaving little ones who haven’t mastered potty-training yet, our staff members
also change diapers. (Something most other fitness clubs refuse to do.)

When searching for a fitness club with childcare, many mothers and fathers run into the roadblocks
of kids clubs closing during the early afternoon. Premier’s does not. The doors are open all day.

Our Kid’s Club, for ages 6 months to 6 years of age, is open Mondays through Fridays from
9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. On Saturdays and Sundays, we welcome kids in our care from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

We also have “The Zone,” which is for kids ages 6-12.
Those doors are open Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. from June to August and 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
from September to May. Weekend hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
We create an environment that will keep your kids engaged with activities throughout their time in the
Kid’s Club and Zone. In fact, most employees within both are mothers, too. (We’ve even got some grandmothers!)
Many Premier members find this comforting. After all, nothing beats personal real-world experience when it
comes to taking care of children!

As times marches on, members continue to see the same faces warmly greet them in our childcare areas,
further building and cementing layers of friendship and trust. In fact, a significant percentage of our staff have
been with Premier more than five years … and a few have been with us since we opened in 1980!
We’ll take care of the kids. You take care of you.

Premier Blog  A Big HIIT

The summer is beginning to wind down, but it’s not over yet. There’s still plenty of time to flaunt your
slimmer self.

The speediest path is known as high-intensity interval training (HIIT.) This method focuses on short,
sharp bursts of exertion pushing you into the uppermost levels of training zones.
Check it out within the Les Mills GRIT classes at Premier.

These courses focus on the HIIT method, allowing you to get the most effective workout in the least
amount of time.  You’ll be trained more intensely than ever before, but the results you’ll see in return
will make it all worth it – and more.

Three (3) unique workouts re-tuned every three months, only last 30 minutes at a time and are
delivered by certified coaches. 

The first workout is “strength” and uses a barbell, weight plate and body-weight exercises. They
charge all the major muscle groups. The second is “plyo,” which is a plyometric-based (jump
training) workout. These explosive routines will help you craft your body into something
more nimble, athletic and powerful. The final one is known as “cardio,” which is a high-impact
routine designed to incinerate fat and improve athleticism. It combines high-impact body weight
moves without any equipment.

HIIT is ideal for all sorts of individuals, including both moms and dads. Premier is a family-based athletic facility.
Parents and can leave their children in the more-than-capable hands of the Kids Club.  Couples looking for
ways to connect and feel outstanding, more energized and healthier should definitely check this out. In fact,
our club is the first facility in Columbus to carry GRIT, which means Premier carries the more experience
instructors throughout this unique small-group training.

You might be concerned with an injury or being unable to perform this level of activity. When you become
a member of Premier, you have access to a complimentary and complete assessment from our training
professionals. One of them will position you in the right activity to meet your current activity level.

They can also build you up to this type of training. In addition, Premier professional trainers have access
to a team of orthopedic doctors, muscle activation therapist, physical therapists, and other health care
providers who understand and support the benefits of professional managed exercise.

This can assist you with your overall health. These professionals work together in a collaborative
manner to allow you to continue to remain active and stay fit!

Premier Blog #5 The Wisdom of Courting Racquetball

Many people want to torch calories and expand their strength. But not all of these folks enjoy running on
a treadmill, pumping iron, and mounting a bicycle,

Enter one of the most popular options – racquetball.
Spending a single hour engaged in the sport burns more calories than using the same amount of time in
aerobics, circuit weight training, basketball and tennis. In fact, depending on intensity level and weight,
you can actually shred 700 of them. A more casual experience at a moderate intensity will lead to the
scorching of 511 calories if you weigh in at 160 lbs., 637 at 200 lbs., and 763 for 240 lbs. 

Racquetball also can strengthen bones and muscles. After all, it’s a weight-bearing activity. And it’s
outstanding for your heart. That single hour of play is the same as running two miles, leading your
heart rate to climb and maintain 70 to 80 percent of its maximum.

And we’re not done yet!

It helps improve balance and coordination. You’ll develop this as you get low to hit the ball coming back,
for instance. Hand-eye coordination also expands and the enduring need for a wide range of motion beefs
up your flexibility.

Throwing a couple additional benefits on the pile, this sport also causes your stress and health risks to tumble.
The high-intensity of the game generates endorphins and takes your mind off current worries and to-do lists.
The result is ballooning energy. The constant physical activity also stomps down the risk of high blood pressure,
diabetes, obesity and coronary heart disease.

Finally, your physical health isn’t the only thing enriched through racquetball.
This is a great way to meet other people and launch new friendships!

If you have an athletically-minded son or daughter, you’re going to want to check this out.

The Junior Team Ohio & the Ohio Junior National Team is now headquartered at Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club.
This is a fantastic opportunity for your student athlete, from ages 6 to 18. The program is committed to bringing in
more junior players around the state and helping young people develop this healthy habit for years to come.
Dedicated coaches are on hand to encourage development throughout the entire season.

No costs are directly associated with the Junior Program itself, however there are some expenses for the Junior
National Racquetball Tournament held in California in June 2015.

Check out the free clinics on scheduled Saturdays throughout the September – June racquetball season, taking
place throughout the state, but mostly at Premier.

Of course, racquetball at Premier isn’t just for kids.
Check out the leagues and other opportunities by calling (614) 336-2582.

We’ll see you on the court.

Premier Blog: Swimmingly Safe 
June 4, 2014
A solid workout isn’t limited to zipping around the track, stepping onto the treadmill or pulling up heavy weights.
Heading into the pool with both feet is another fun way to knock out some serious exercise.

Swimming can actually provide cardiovascular health benefits through physical conditioning, along
with enhancing endurance and building muscle mass. It also burns calories – depending on how
effective your workout is and how buoyant you are.

Overall, it can be a life-saving activity. It’s a great way to tack on years to your life, along with other healthy
habits. But, like anything else, a pool must be treated with respect and knowledge in order to keep everyone

 Here are some essential tips to remember before dipping your toes in the water:
      •A young child or inexperienced adult swimmer needs to wear a swim belt in order for them to enjoy
       being in the water.
      •Young inexperienced swimmers need to be supervised while in the pool at all times.
      •Protect your skin. Limit the amount of direct sunlight you receive while at the pool or on the beach.
      •Drink plenty of water regularly, even if you’re not thirsty. Avoid drinks with alcohol or caffeine in them.
      •According to the Red Cross make sure to follow the rules when go to the pool or beach.
      •Make sure the water is clean.
      •Stay away from drains, filters and water intakes.
      •Monitor electrical power
      •Locate the emergency equipment.
      •If you have a home pool, make sure the pool fence meets current safety standards, including a child
       proof gate that’s always closed. If you have a hot tub, keep it drained or securely covered when not in use.

One of the best ways to ensure your child will be safe in the water is to undergo swimming
lessons. But you need to be careful when choosing an instructor. Here are some important
items you want to be sure to pay attention to when lesson-shopping:

 It’s important to have an instructor who is WSI-certified (that stands for Water Safety Instructor) by the Red Cross.
This is connected to the range of education they’ve received from the Learn-to-Swim program. If you have an
uncertified or improperly trained instructor, that’s not good enough.

On top of that, it’s important to select a facility with individuals who take the time to invest in your children,
who are people you can trust, and who hold lessons in a safe and fun environment. Be sure to select an
instructor who boosts your child’s self-esteem and compliments them. Furthermore, it’s important to
look for someone who welcomes communication from parents and goes out of their way to address any concerns.

At Premier, parents and families will absolutely find all of these aspects in swim lessons.
For more information on lessonsoffered and other details, including schedules just click
this link!

We hope you enjoy your summer. We’ll see you in the pool!

Premier Blog #3: Fueling Through Feeding
May 28, 2014
The human body is like a machine – it needs proper care and maintenance. And it doesn’t run
on just anything.

You wouldn’t put garbage into the fuel tank of your car. It needs very specific things to run correctly.
The same goes for your body.

Whenever you work out, it’s important to give yourself the resources beforehand to handle the
exercise, along with the materials to appropriately recover afterward. For example, if you want to
grow your muscle mass, that means protein, protein, protein.

For those looking to gain mass, they should consume 0.36 grams of protein for every pound of body
weight, according to recommended daily allowances prescribed by the Food and Nutrition Board. As
an example, if you weigh 170 pounds, you’ll need to pull in approximately 61 grams of protein every

A lack of protein essentially puts your body into reverse gear when it comes to building those
“big guns.” Without a sufficient supply, the body begins to metabolize its own muscle as a
source of fuel for the body. Sugar burns first – so it’s important to get less sugar and more
protein and good fats.

“Good” fats?

Yep. These occur naturally and haven’t been tinkered with through any kind of processing. The
best of the good fats are discovered in fish, nuts, avocados, and seeds.

Sugar is actually a bigger adversary than fat – often hidden in seemingly “low-fat” foods. Truthfully,
there’s only one time you can get away with a meal or snack higher in sugar – directly after a vigorous
workout when your internal sugar supply is drained.
Without that intense training session, the body often coverts it to fat and stores it – causing people to
balloon. And excess fat – especially visceral or "deep" fat – wraps around internal organs and leads
to all sorts of health worries.
Don’t worry, be healthy. Premier’s Bistro offers a wide variety of options – and information.
Employees offer suggestions for healthier choices to members and guests. This includes steering them
away from only getting the “fat burner” supplement in their shakes without protein -- in order to get
the desired effect.

“Energy Bites” are encouraged – due to the flax seed and the chia seeds -- over protein bars because
they aren't processed and made fresh daily. On top of this, the benefits of these important ingredients
are fully explained, including how they keep bellies feeling fuller for longer and the Omega 3s.

After all, it’s important to understand what you’re putting into your body before you take a bite. That’s
a vital part of food service.

The other side to that is not just what you put in, but how much. Someone can ingest the healthiest
food in the world, but if they overdo it – that’s a problem. Making small changes can result in a
tremendous impact.

Everything a person eats should represent a major food group. If it doesn’t, leave it alone.
Some folks like to wake up with the dawning sun. Enjoy a healthy breakfast at Premier’s Bistro to suit all
dietary needs. This includes an option of only eggs if someone chooses to evade carbs, as an example.

The bottom line is Premier’s Bistro can make anything you would need or want. And remember, it’s not
just food being served – it’s knowledge.

And that’s more powerful than being able to lift the heaviest weight. 
Training is Personal
May 2, 2014
Many folks share similar goals of getting in shape. Crafting the road to get there, however, can look different from person to person.

Of course, there are certain universal rules when it comes to losing weight or building muscle mass. But training can be a very personal journey.

And sometimes, people seek out trainers for guidance.

In general, personal training has a heap of benefits, including faster and better results, continued motivation, protection from potential injury during workouts, and someone to bounce ideas off of as goals fluctuate.

When shopping for a gym/fitness or athletic club and a personal trainer, it’s important to keep certain things in mind.

First, make sure it’s about what you want and your goals. If someone ignores what you’re trying to accomplish -- whether it’s to build mass, lower BMI, or increase flexibility -- that’s a problem. Your doctor may have told you your cholesterol or blood pressure is high. These are areas that are critical for your long term health. A trainer can help you with creating a program to assist you in accomplishing these goals.

Secondly, they call it “personal” training for a reason. Be sure your trainer is giving you their full attention if you’ve signed up for a one-on-one session and not texting /talking on their phone or hobnobbing with other clients who happen to be walking around the gym or club.

While a gym or athletic club is a business and employees obviously want to increase sales, you should not be pressured into buying expensive packages you’re not sure about. Asking questions and feeling comfortable about doing so must be part of the process.

A trainer should also know your limits. If you’re putting the effort in, no one should push you further than you’re able to handle. And that brings us to one of the most important rules …

… Don’t let anybody make you feel dumb or weak. Ever. We all have to start somewhere and everyone has room to grow. You should leave a training session feeling accomplished and motivated.

At Premier, both personal (one on one) and group (two to eight people) trainings are offered for sessions lasting a half-hour or hour.

Trainees experience an in-depth discussion about what someone wants to accomplish and more importantly why.

We know the individual’s need may be weight loss, but the want might be to feel better, look better, avoid embarrassments, social goals, getting off medications, and more. Rather than asking what someone wants -- just to use it to just sell them what we think they really need, Premier focuses on the member’s wants and slip in needs over time -- as they feel comfortable.

Trainees are also given a full joint and muscle screening with *no load* to check everything out in a safe and comfortable way. Assuming this goes well, we add weight, as sometimes this draws some discomfort. Plans are then drawn up from results.

Moving forward, we take what we have learned into account. As an example, we would now have weight, body fat, goals, wants, needs, and reasons attached to those needs, joint screening data and the rapport built to prescribe a plan of action, as opposed to just a package of sessions.

Whatever works best toward their needs, schedules and budgets is what we recommend them to go with, not whatever we can sell them.

Premier trainers work hand-in-hand with Physician’s Fitness MAT program for pains and issues extending beyond the certification of club employees. MAT stands for Muscle Activation Techniques.

Individuals from this program work on a neuromuscular level to activate muscles not receiving the proper information from the brain to go off, which result in imbalances in joints, pain, and other issues. This program works to keep muscles working their proper functions. It’s not a massage, but appears like one.

Fun fact: NFL star Peyton Manning, quarterback for the Denver Broncos came back from his neck injury using this technique.

Whatever level a trainee is at, Premier trainers will work with them to exceed their current standing in a safe, controlled and healthy way. That means healthy both physically and mentally.

Always remember: Training is personal. 

Keeping Kids Active March 31, 2014

Video games, smart phones, social media, and the Internet.

What do these have in common? They’re keeping our kids sitting still, doing little more than moving their fingers and thumbs across a screen or electronic device. This ballooning issue has caused a dramatic rise in childhood obesity.

In fact, according to the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, only one in three children are physically active every day. Furthermore, children now spend more than seven and a half hours a day in front of a screen. 

That’s not all.

Some alarming facts have emerged from the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control. They include:

Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years.

The percentage of children aged 6–11 years in the United States who were obese increased from 7% in 1980 to nearly 18% in 2012. Similarly, the percentage of adolescents aged 12–19 years who were obese increased from 5% to nearly 21% over the same period.

In 2012, more than one third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese.

Overweight is defined as having excess body weight for a particular height from fat, muscle, bone, water, or a combination of these factors.3 Obesity is defined as having excess body fat.

Overweight and obesity are the result of "caloric imbalance"—too few calories expended for the amount of calories consumed—and are affected by various genetic, behavioral, and environmental factors.

A nutritious diet is obviously very important in the battle against obesity, which can lead to a host of other issues. But it’s more than just about putting the right things in your child’s body. It’s about taking those excess calories out.

When families are shopping for an athletic club to join, it’s important to look at programs for kids.

After all, you’re not going to put your eight-year-old on the bench press. Nor do you want to worry about childcare when you’re on the treadmill, trying to dial up your own health.

One solution is Premier’s Kids Club. The club is currently filling open spots for their summer camp. Instead of a "one size fits all" offering, various themes are up for grabs. This helps capture the attention of nearly every youngster. Options include fitness and nutrition, art, water camp, animal camp, science, games and sports.

They can also try out "Camp Premier" -- which is a little mix of everything.

One of the best types of exercise – swimming – is included in every week of the camp. This often proves to be the most popular among kids.

The program lasts 10 weeks from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and includes an option of aftercare for parents who need a little more time at work, until 6:00 p.m., for an additional charge. Children aged 5-12 are eligible to participate.

 However, there’s a camp for youngsters between the ages of 2-5 (limited to a half-day) so they can enjoy the experience as well.

As mentioned above, healthy eating is crucial in keeping our children active. Parents can pack a lunch for their little ones or purchase a meal through the Bistro.

To register, just dial 614-336-CLUB (2582).

No matter what choices you make, it’s important to keep your kids active. According to Kids Health, children who are physically active:

have stronger muscles and bones

have a leaner body because exercise helps control body fat

are less likely to become overweight

decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes

could have lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels

have a better outlook on life

With summer on the horizon, now is the perfect time to talk to your kids about putting down the electronics and picking up a healthier, and arguably more fun, plan!