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I have been working with Kyle Hill for a little over a month now, and I couldn't be happier with
my decision to commit to working with Kyle as my personal trainer. I had always been hesitant
to get involved with a personal trainer because of money and time restraints. Kyle has made both
of these concerns irrelevant. When I get to the gym, Kyle is prepared to make every minute I am
there count. It's obvious he prepares my workouts and puts thought into how he is going to help
me reach my fitness goals. He's pushed me to limits I didn't know were possible, even as a former
college soccer player. I can't thank Kyle enough for helping to take my fitness to the next level.

Thanks Kyle!
Lauren McMahon 

My sister and I have been working with Kyle for nearly a month. Each workout is different in scope
and activities - and it's evident that Kyle spends time and thought preparing for our visits. One of my
favorite parts of working with Kyle is that he listens to what I want to get out of a workout. While
my primary goal for working with a trainer was to increase strength and toning, I'm a runner and love
the cardio aspect of working out. Kyle incorporates cardio into the workouts without sacrificing the
goal of strength and toning. I truly enjoy spending the time with Kyle and my sister and I couldn't be
happier with our results so far. We know there's a lot more that we can accomplish and we'll continue
to train with Kyle because we know that he has our best interests at heart and will make a fun workout
for us to accomplish our goals.

Kristen McMahon

Dear Richard,

I would like to sing the praises of one of your employees. More often than not, the negative is what
we hear about in today's world. Kyle Hill has a true dedication to all of his clients. I have been with
him for over 3 and 1/2 years now- twice a week ( if I could afford it, I would love to train with him
more often than that).
I signed up with Kyle for one reason: my doctor strongly suggested that I start
doing weight conditioning to guard against osteoporosis. Little did I realize how much more his
training guidance has helped me overall!
Kyle has many great attributes as a trainer. He is the only trainer I have seen that keeps a personal
notebook on every one of his clients. No two workouts are alike. I need variety for I get bored easily.
He pushes me in a "nice" way. He discovered in me that I am the type of person who pushes myself.
He carries a smile on his face throughout the workout and rewards me with "high fives". He sends
out educational emails on nutrition counseling, good workout habits, etc. He even writes up workouts
to perform while away on vacation. But, the most important thing that I have learned from him is
correct form to avoid injury. He constantly demonstrates correct form to much so, that I can go
around the gym and point out the people NOT having correct form while they do their workout.
I am a 64 yr. old female who never would have believed that I could perform a 185 lb. deadlift
(soon to be 200 lb.), or a 205 lb. leg press, or 25-30 lb. shoulder press...and the list goes on. This is
what Kyle has done for me. This correspondence has been long overdue. I appreciate you taking the
time to read it.

Patrice Barnes